Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tonner - Women In The Media Awards Layne

The dressed doll release of Layne has a different coloring than her Basic Black counterpart. She has thick black curly hair cascading down her back and a slightly stronger face paint: more intense eyeliner, darker brows and stronger blush. See her in close up here:

She is part of the Haute Couture dress line of the Wentworth dolls - a limited edition of 1000 pieces. While the quality of the fabrics is excellent, and the three layers of the dress are excellently made (silver "Chantilly" lace on top of silvery fabric on top of white satin)the scale of the lace in her dress is too large for a 16" doll - almost human size lace here. The finish of the edges in rough cut organza strewn with beads and pailletes is poorly done - the description of the doll said layered organza, we only get a trim. The beads and paillets are OK but get lost on the hem of the dress, while show better on her off the shoulder "sleeves". And the major faux-pas- the dress is shapeless. It looks like an A line dress but after the hips it looses shape and due to the nature of the material, does not fall gracefully to the floor.

For a dressed Haute Couture doll she has surprisingly few accessories. Supposedly she is a famous anchor, receiving an award in a ceremony. Imagine one such modern woman going to a gala without an evening bag. Or not wearing any jewellery other than a pair of earrings with this dress - a diamond bracelet would have been sufficient. Or not having a chiffon or organza wrap to anchor the dress. She does get an excellent pair of silver leather strap high heels though. She does wear them with tights, which is a bit strange - I do prefer strappy shoes on a nude leg. See her proudly showing them off here:

And a close up shot here:

Her final accessory is the award she is carrying, a badly designed and made clear plastic pyramid on a painted metallic base. I would have preferred a nice silvery leather or lace covered bag instead of this.

Both Laynes together - which one do you prefer? I like both the same- each for different reasons. Hope to see more of her in future releases.

She photographs well - born to be in the media it seems!

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