Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fashion Royalty - Agnes Von Weiss: High Gloss

Most doll manufacturers organize conventions for their loyal customers: it is a great way to create publicity about their doll lines, present new dolls and raise their sales. For the fans it is a great way to meet other collectors, exchange or trade dolls and outfits and buy new exclusive dolls. The most sought after dolls in the conventions are usually the official convention dolls and their companions: they are highly stylized and in limited quantities - or they should be.

High Gloss Agnes Von Weiss in no exception: she is, imho, one of the most exquisite Fashion Royalty dolls ever created. Designed specifically for the Dollz In Oz 2008 convention in Sydney Australia, and limited to 300 dolls worldwide, she embodies all that a fashion doll should be: bold, beautiful, exceptional, elegant, glamorous. Designed specifically to fit the event and the theme (Mardi Gras), her unique look places her at the top (or very near at least) of the best that Jason Wu has offered us.

First the gown: it seems that Wu has heard his fans: this is no classic full blown ball gown or mermaid style va-va voom dress. No sir, what we have here is a confection that can rival what Claude Montana did back in the days he designed for Lanvin Haute Couture. The white dress, designed to remind one the Sydney Opera (look at the turned up triangular edges) fits perfectly with Sydney - but where is Mardi Gras? Not that I mind, luckily it avoids any carnival reference, which can be only positive.

The fabric is white with silver pinstripes, making it shimmer in the light. The scale of the stripe is amazing, making the dress look even better up close. The craftsmanship is excellent, with the stitching and lining exquisitely executed. The fit is also great. The voluminous skirt stands great and needs little fussing over to look good. Same goes for the six panels that fall over it, accentuating the cascading hemline.

The bodice is looking great with the microsequined breast panel under the huge stand up collar. The necklace is a bit too much for this design, it would look much better without it. It is even too big for the décolletage, it never can hold its shape properly. The filigree and bead earrings are a perfect match.

The highlight is the silver "leather" corset-belt: it has a tiny non-functioning zipper at the front, framed by six studs, while at the back it ties with laces like a corset. Amazing detail and execution. Montana and Mygler would be proud!

The shoes are silver platform sandals that tie up the leg - the silver laces are slipping on the legs (and my fingers are not helping). The doll is not wearing any kind of hosiery but does have flesh coloured panties.

The face of Agnes is incredibly painted: her white porcelain looking skin is almost translucent, with barely blushed cheeks. All the focus is on the eyes: heavy eye shadow and eye-liner makes her look immensely dramatic, vampiric even - her bold dark eyebrows fitting this image perfectly. Pale shiny lips finish off the look. Her jet black hair is pulled back in a perfect chignon, making her look even more austere. I think it suits the dress perfectly and anything else would have looked too much.

A splendid doll from Fashion Royalty - I hope Jason Wu continues like this in 2008!


  1. Hi Sandman.
    Yesterday I found out your blog and it is awesome! As I saw the Rita Hayworth doll I was delighted!!
    I want ask you if there is a Gloria Swanson doll. In the net I've found some homemade creation, but I'm wondering if there are any official dolls.
    Thank you, and congratulations for your blog and collection.


  2. Dear Cecillia - thanks for your kind words for my blog. I am so glad you like it. As far as I know, I have never seen or heard anything about a Swanson doll. I do have Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich dolls by Madame Alexander - you can see Greta in a post I made last year.

  3. The dress looks to be the Sydney Opera house?