Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fashion Royalty: Metal Maven Vanessa Perrin

Vanessa Perrin is one of the hottest faces in the Fashion Royalty roster. Each and every one of the dolls with her face become instant collectibles, dolls not to be missed by Jason Wu fans. The basic Vanessa doll from this year's Glamorous collection is not an exception.

Vanessa comes dressed in golden toned faux leather corset and shorts, much like Kyori and the other basic dolls of this collection. The already familiar from Kyori boots with laces complete the ensemble. Her rust blonde coloured hair match the outfit and make her look even more glamorous. Gathered in a high ponytail and cascading down her back in big curls, they look sensuous and sexy.

Her make up too is excellent. Based on golden and brown hues, with a pale pink lip colour, it gives her a look that can match many outfits. Her light blue eyes are enhanced by real eyelashes. The jewellery set, basic stud "diamond" earrings (golden) and a matching gold square cuff, look great and can work well with other ensembles. Matching coloured fingernails complete the picture.

So how does Vanessa look in another outfit? From the same Dressmaker Details Couture gift set that Kyori took her exquisite suit, I picked the black satin corset trimmed with tulle and the matching long skirt with train to put on her. Boy, does she look awesome! Topping the ensemble off with a long necklace of transparent beads, her own earrings and cuff and black mules, she is the embodiment of timeless glamour and sophistication. It is if it was made for her.

Metal Maven Vanessa is another great version of the Perrin younger sister to grace the Fashion Royalty catwalk. Her perfect face paint and hair colour with ideal colouring make her an excellent basic doll, ready to offer hours of enjoyment while she goes into outfit after outfit, mesmerising fashion doll collectors everywhere.


  1. where can I get this beautiful gown?

    I would like to buy this for my Kyori. please let me know where you get them

  2. this is beautiful gown.

    I would like to buy them for my Kyori.

    please let me know where you got them

  3. Check the link in the text of the post, Dressmaker Details! I think some sets are still available here

  4. Oh, I love The Women of royalty serie! How much have you bought Elizabeth I? One day, I would like to buy Marie-antoinette in the same collection.
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