Saturday, January 31, 2009

Living a Sybaritic life: Venus part Two

After shooting Venus in her original outfit (her undies that is), I picked some Gene clothes for her to wear (all of them from the Ashton Drake years), for her first fashion photo shoot. She was a very eclectic lady, picking stuff that would make justice to her versatility and glamour. She fits into Gene clothes with a little extra effort in the hips, as she is a bit wide for them, but most of the stretchier staff she can get into. Not all outfits will button though, especially jackets.
First one, Unforgettable. The mermaid style gown makes her look gorgeous, although it was a bitch getting the stretch petticoat up the top skirt because of the tight fit. You can see her here with the full outfit minus the lace scarf. The wig is from Integrity's Avantguard Lush doll. It is not a perfect fit but with a little effort one can get it to look great. The colours of the gown and jewellery match her make up perfectly.

And a closer look of a star being born. Cover material, wouldn't you say?

Next up was Black Ribbon, which is a copy of a Marlene Dietrich outfit. The jacket was impossible to button up but everything fits, even the gloves. Careful if you put this outfit on a doll, it stains. The hat was difficult to pin on the wig but I finally did it. Wig by Monique.

Gene had an outfit called Little Black Dress. The idea was having a simple basic A-line black dress (40's style) and change looks by simply changing the accessories included. First try, the lace cuff and bib, with the matching hat - a mix of Morticia Adams and Amish style into one. The hat was again difficult to pin on the Lush wig. The different positioning of the hat makes for some very interesting photography.

Then a quick wig change and you have a completely different vibe. Wig by Monique.

Second set for the LBD: the Chanel approach. Multiple chains piled at neck and waist, with a matching hair band complete with white flower and black tulle. She looks like Madonna wearing Chanel.

The third set was the most surprising: the plaid hat and bustle match Venus's eccentric style and brought out her supermodel self in a way I had not anticipated - especially without any wig.

There was a fourth option (with a small forest green gilet) but the result were disappointing. So on we were to a gorgeous evening dress, Derby Eve. The fit is not perfect, especially at the hips, but the result is fantastic (the flowers in the Lush wig are from the ensemble):

A wig change (wig by Monique) was all it took to transform her to a sultry night club singer.

A suit was something I wanted to see Venus in very much - so she tried Perfect Gift: a green shantung suit with burgundy rose accents and matching tasselled bag. The short Monique wig was a perfect fit for this style, making the whole thing look much more modern. Shoes here are from Tonner's Vintage Shoes accessory pack from the GWTW collection.

The peplum style jacket fits her perfectly, enhancing her silhouette. If only she could stand better on her stand.

Looking for something more couture like, I put a Tonner outfit on her: Anniversary Gala from the 2004 Tyler Wentworth collection. The short embroidered jacket, trimmed with fur, combined with the brocade full skirt makes Venus look like a million bucks. I put the jacket onto her back side front to make it look like a bolero. You can see the results below (wig by Monique):

After all the outfit changes, Venus suddenly decided to relax. So what better way than to "slip into something more comfortable"? Gene's "The Kiss" , with its marabou trimmed satin peignoir lined with shimmering silver lame and a matching gown looked perfect, the light pink matching Venus's make up to a T. And she posed even without any wig, looking gorgeous.

Wig from the Lush Avantguard doll.

All Monique wigs bought from Facets by Marcia.


  1. I love all the fashions and photos. It's a treat to visit, Stratos.

  2. Thanks Terri, always a pleasure to see your comments!

  3. Πολύ ωραία ρούχα,άψογη επιλογή! Πράγματι την αναδεικνύουν. Μου άρεσε πολύ ο τρόπος που την έκανες να κοιτάει τον φακό σου.