Sunday, October 31, 2010

Integrity Toys Dark Romance Convention 2010 part 1

Every year Integrity Toys and Jason Wu hold an event for their dedicated collectors of fashion dolls. This year was not exception. The convention took place in Pittsburgh again  from the 28th till the 30th of October! The title of this year's event was Dark Romance and of course it fit perfectly with Halloween. 

As the doors opened for the first official event on Thursday night, guests walked into a ballroom that definitely was one made up for a Halloween event. Each guest found the first part of the doll gift set they would be building up like last year, a gorgeous fashion, waiting for them as they sat down.  Another gift for all attendees was a fabulous new Fashion Royalty doll named Hourglass Kesenia. The new FR character is one of Baroness Agnes' (who is supposedly the host of the event) models. So here she is:

Kesenia is based on one of the face moulds (The Contessa) for the Brides Of Dracula series of dolls made by IT for Ashton Drake. Here is a close up:

The Thursday night dinner centerpiece was a huge crowd favorite, Dania Zarr as Smoke Screen. She was standing on a web-like structure with a dead fashion victim skeleton caught up in it - great idea. Here is the doll, which looks a lot like last year's Silver Zinger Agnes.

Dania looks great and I am sure she will be much sought after by collectors. I love her screening and the outfit looks great too. The jewellery is gorgeous although she could have had a bracelet as well. As far as I can see the shoes are great too! More dolls from the convention on the next post.

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