Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tatiana's Doll House: Club diorama

The latest diorama talented Tatiana has created is a place for her dolls to relax and hang out - The Fashion Royalty Club. This display was inspired by a pink plastic piano that she repainted  black last summer. That project was very long and challenging for her as she aimed for a thick glossy finish. One month and two cans of paint later she finally felt happy of how it turned out. She used a high gloss black lacquer by Rust-Oleum and applied it in multiple layers.

The round tables are from a Gloria play set, their bases painted silver. Tablecloths are made from polyester table napkins and curtains are faux silk dupioni napkins  attached with double sided tape. The buffet table is a wooden shadow-box frame that was cut with a miter saw. Cake, pastries, trays and cutlery are re-ment, small white plates came with a no-name play set.

Tatiana made the wall scone lights by splitting a Mattel purple chandelier in quarters and gluing them to wooden pendants from a dollar store. After that she spray-painted everything with black acryllic paint and attached them to the wall using double sided tape.

The chandelier is an accessory from a Barbie playset that she painted black and attached with a polyester thread to a mini square gel tile. Gel tiles come with a sticky back, so it is very easy to attach them without any damage to the surface.

The tabletop candle holders are Gloria minis that Tatiana painted with acrylic paint using a brush. The wonderful black chairs are from the Pivotal Jazz dolls by Mattel. She loves the scale, the style and the quality of them. I must say that they look great - I own some of them! The swan vase on the piano is a wedding favour from a craft store and in it are white roses from buttonier flowers.

Deconstruction Sight Eugenia is dressed in Guaranteed Chic outfit, restyled by Tatiana. Former Face Time Eugenia was re-rooted in raven by the very talented Susan K. She is wearing the Soir De Paris dress. All photos by Tatiana.

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