Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mad Men dolls: here come the guys for the season finale

In my previous post you read about and saw the gorgeous dolls that Michael Williams made for the female characters of the 5th season of Mad Men, the incredible series of AMC. Now, as the season's finale is upon us, he presents the men of the series. Again, he accessorizes them with all the necessary props they used in this season.

Don Draper is of course the star of Mad Men. For him, Michael used a Silkstone Ken, the unfortunate victim ex-flame Andrea is a Barbie Basics leg wearing a Silkstone Red MaryJane pump, and the car is a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen car that only cost $10 at a dollar store 10 years ago. He photoshopped it from turquoise to red.

Roger Sterling, the wise-cracking partner of SCDP: Again he is a Silkstone Ken, he is holding a Barbie baby and the accessories include a My Scene phone, a Re-Ment repainted table, a VITRA miniature chair and custom-printed paper paraphernalia.

The man everyone loves to hate: Pete Campbell. To make him. Michael put a vintage Allan head on a VOLKS Neo-Go Guy Color articulated body. He wears a vintage Ken Special Date navy suit and his accessories include a repainted pencil sharpener film projector, a pair of generic fashion doll skis purchased at a doll show, a custom-printed lobster bib and book jacket.

Michael Ginsberg is the new guy on the show. Actually he is a Wedding Day Sparkle Ken groom, with a Misaki Destination Milan necktie and Barbie Loves Frank Sinatra jacket. His accessories include a College Student vintage Ken typewriter, a RE-MENT Hotel Buffet warming tray with RE-MENT French Restaurant and Fun Meals Lobsters, a Barbie Generation Girl Lara artist easel with custom-printed story boards and a One Modern Circle Ken portfolio.

Once again Michael has done an incredible job of bringing the Mad Men characters to life in a most iconic and ironic way through his dolls.

All photos ©Michael Williams/


  1. I really like your blog, almost Bauhaus meets Dynasty. Super Cool. The photography and lay-outs are positively ad campaign.

  2. Hello from Spain: Michael does a wonderful job. The guys in the series are wonderful in his creations. A gorgeous photos. Thank you for display on your blog. I love the character of Don Draper. Keep in touch

  3. I love these madman caracter dolls and they have such a nice accesoires.