Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trust Your Instincts Jordan

This is one of the most beautiful dolls of this year's Spring collection by Integrity Toys (a tour de force of collections indeed). It's my second Jordan (you can see the previous one here) and having seen her in real life, a firm favourite now.

She comes dressed in a two-piece ensemble: a short sleeved chartreuse top that buttons up her back, with peplum and a slim matching belt, over a sugar white pencil skirt. It is a 40s look re-done for out era and her hairdo channels exactly that.

The outfit is completed with brilliant accessories: a coral "crocodile" leather bag with beige strap and a pair of bi-colored strap pumps.

Her jewellery is beautiful too: a pair of multi-colored enamel earrings with a matching cuff bracelet. I wish she had a green ring to complete this, it would be perfect.

Her make up is not as bold as I feared - in real life it looks even more subtle. The nails are painted pink. The skin tone is lighter than previous Jordan versions. Her hairdo is perfect, fits the outfit,, giving it a 40s vibe and compliments her face beautifully. Her profile is almost Nefertiti like.

This has become one of my all-time favourite Fashion Royalty dolls and would very much like to try more outfits on her. She has set the bar very high for Adele, who will be coming home probably by the end of this year.


  1. Hello from Spain: I agree with you that this doll is very attractive. She is wearing a beautiful dress and some accessories. Keep in touch

  2. I want to rebody her on FR2. What FR2 skintone do you think matches her best? Thanks!

  3. She is a vision! A real beauty! Though, I've been wanting to rebody her on FR2. What FR2 skintone do you think matches her best?

    1. I think she's in the normal AA tone for FR bodies, previous versions were darker. But as the skin tones have slightly changed lately, you have to be careful.