Monday, March 25, 2013

Funny Face: A Woman Who Thinks (Marion / Dovima)

It was about time I started photographing and posting the Funny Face dolls, who have been arriving home one after another in all their elegance and finesse. I must say that the dolls are exactly or even better than the prototypes and it is a unique treat opening their beautiful packaging.

I had written, in the post about their presentation, that "A Woman Who Thinks" is the best doll of the bunch. Her arrival confirmed my opinion. She uses the Anja sculpt to great effect. If you have seen the film, you know this is Marion, the model posing as "A Woman Who Thinks", the new target group and inspiration for Quality magazine. Marion is played by Dovima, a real model, and one of the best models ever. She parodies herself, and it is a great treat to see her in a film, as most of the images we have from her heyday are photographs. 

The doll comes with two outfits and their respective accessories. She is already dressed with the black narrow dress with the irregular cut out neckline, which is a good approximation of the real one. I love the grainy fabric and it is stretchy enough to pose in. Unfortunately, using the Victoire/BoD body means that there is no waist joint, so the posing is a bit limited. I think that for this doll, the FR body would have been a bit better. The dress fastens in the back with hooks, which are a bit difficult to fasten as they are black on black.

I was surprised to find out that she can stand on her own. The nice leather black pumps help with that. Black stretchy gloves and a pair of "diamond" stud earrings complete the look. She is wearing pantyhose, as all women did in that era.

Her short hairdo should have been a bit less fluffy - the real model had her hair much closer to her scalp. The make up is great, the blues on her lids match her eyes and the red lipstick and nails are divine and era-appropriate.

The second outfit from the film is the one called She-bop. It is a yellow gown with a matching hat that has a green ribbon and an orange crown. It is impossible to find a photo of it on-line so I had to make a capture from the film. In it I noticed that the actual dress could have a green fabric panel at the back to match the ones from the hat. The doll dress does not.

The dress has a lot of fabric. There is a satin yellow fabric under the layers of billowing yellow chiffon over it. The draping on her bust is nicely made and the two satin straps complete the look. The dress also has a slim satin belt that fastens in the back with a pearl and a loop. The dress closes with a zipper and a hook on top (which I was unable to fasten). The shoes are yellow leather pumps, same as the black ones.

This look has a "diamond" bracelet to finish it off. Again I had a hard time keeping this on her wrist, the fastening is a bit loose and it kept falling off. Dear Integrity, not all of us collectors have tiny fingers to deal with this stuff!

The hat looks like a flower from the back.

I was really happy they included this dress with the doll, even though it barely registers in the film. The set is incredibly well made and looks very faithful to the real costumes. I love the doll and will definitely photograph her in more vintage looking stuff as soon as I can.


  1. una muñeca realmente preciosa , y los vestidos son impresionantes



  2. Hello from Spain, she is awesome. Her outfits are a jewel. Very glamorous. Nice photos. Keep in touch

  3. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous doll. I only got the doll with the black dress, and your pictures are making me sorry :)