Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mel Odom unveils a new Gene Marshall doll at IDEX 2013 - Phoenix

Mel Odom is a living legend in the fashion doll world. His Gene Marshall doll actually established the niche, when it first came out back in 1995. It was Aston Drake that manufactured the dolls then, and quickly Gene was a collector's favourite. Years later, in 2005, Gene and Mel moved on to Integrity Toys. Gene was improved in many ways and the flame kept on for a while until, again, the life cycle of the doll came to an end in 2010.

Now Gene is back, in her third incarnation, a Phoenix (the doll's name) rising from the ashes. Mel collaborates with JAMIEshow to bring us a mew Gene, as a resin BJD (ball-jointed-doll) in a very limited edition. So limited in fact that the doll is sold out. There was 100 dolls ready for sale at IDEX, where she was presented in a special event by Mel himself. another 50 dolls were available on-line after the presentation at the JAMIEshow website but no more. These 50 will be ready to ship in early May.

The doll looks a lot like the Gene we know and love, maybe a bit softer.She is a 16" ball-jointed resin doll, with an interchangeable rooted wig cap system (hence the different hairstyles and colours you see in the photos). She is dressed in a powder blue silk gown, wearing gloves and special gloved hands. She comes with an extra pair of regular skin tone hands as well. Her accessories include a blue Swarovski pendant necklace, earrings, and a bracelet; blue matching shoes; an adjustable JAMIEshow stand; and two rooted wig caps in differing styles and colours, one platinum short cut and another brown chignon, as well as a hard wig cap so she can wear standard doll wigs. She is a collaborative effort designed by Mel Odom and JAMIEshow, with the dress designed by Maddie Rose Couture.

The doll looks amazing, a gorgeous Gene to be added to all the rest. It is very expensive but so are most resin dolls at her size and quality and edition. I love the dress, fabric and colour are exquisite. I would like to see the hands up close to see how they look in their gloved version. Welcome back Gene and Mel, we missed you!

Update: You can see the gloved hands in this post by Terri - and also more photos of the doll with various outfits and wigs in that and other posts.


  1. Thank you, Stratos for this review. I was one of the lucky 50 that got to purchase her online. I'm really excited about seeing this new BJD Gene in person! Love her!

  2. Stratos, you can check the picture of Gene on my blog to see more of her hands. There will be two more posts with her and I will show the gloved hands. They're actually painted...

  3. Thanks Terri - I will link your posts to mine so that readers can see them!

  4. Will there be a more affordable and less exclusionary version of this doll in the future?

    1. I read that there will be basic dolls released in the future but nothing official yet.