Thursday, December 12, 2013

Barbie Birkin - a doll like no other

All of you Barbie and fashion doll collectors, relax now. Mattel has not announced any exclusive Barbie carrying a Birkin bag. Instead, Barbie Birkin is a social media savvy doll (whose owner is anonymous) that has taken the world by storm (over 81,550 followers on Instagram), goes for drinks with Jessica Alba, snubs Katy Perry, is chummy with the Kardashians and goes all around the world, following Diana Vreeland's motto: "I loathe narcissism, but I approve of vanity."

The Instagram photos are not of great quality (it's Instagram after all) but are funny and spunky, usually with a fitting comment from Barbie Birkin. The actual doll seems to be a playline Barbie with a weird smirk on her face (any collector that can identify her, please tell). She sports various outfits, mostly Mattel, from what I can tell - she even has the Leger dress. But it is not the clothes that matter. Rather, it is the attitude and the sheer tongue-in-cheek fun of it all. She (or rather her anonymous owner) has even given interviews to various magazines, most notably New York magazine's fashion page The Cut and Go get 'em girl.



  1. She is a funny playline RAQUELLE of Barbie DREAM HOUSE!!
    It could be better if the author use some of the fourth great versions of Raquelle in the playline FASHIONISTAS.Then we could really have a plastic DIVA.In all her versions on FASHIONISTAS,Raquelle is definitely HOT!!But as a fun character on Instagram this version it's OK!!

  2. Thanks Jorge for identifying the doll!

    1. You're Welcome Stratos!
      I Like Your Blog Very Much!!

  3. They're really cool photos, I just wonder who the person behind the camera is. Gotta be someone who has it in with famous people huh?