Friday, July 11, 2014

JAMIEshow IFDC Exclusive Marlena BJD resin doll

As you might have been informed, the IFDC doll show is up and running in Las Vegas this weekend (started Wednesday). JAMIEshow, having entered the rarefied world of retro Hollywood glamour with Gene Marshall, decided to offer as a limited edition (50 pieces) at IFDC this amazing Marlene Dietrich doll. They call her Marlena probably for copyright reasons.

The doll is a resin BJD, probably has the same body as Gene, and wears a 3-piece satin tuxedo suit complete with a top hat and black pumps. She has pale blue eyes, dark red lips and comes with a blonde curled JAMIEshow rooted wig cap. Stand included. Price: $475.

The only other Marlene Dietrich doll I know of  (and have) is the Madame Alexander one. This one is way better (and gives me an idea about what to do with my MA doll).

All photos courtesy of JAMIEshow 


  1. I want her, please contact me

  2. Dear Anonymous I cannot help you as I do not own or sell this doll. It is a convention exclusive so you have to find someone who attends IFDC to help you.

  3. She is a classic and the doll depicts that well!