Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sybarites hit Los Angeles: Superdoll exhibition at FIDM Museum

It is no wonder that the amazing Sybarite dolls of multi-talented eccentric duo Desmond Lingard and Charles Fegen would find their way in a museum. Don't let your mind think of dusty old relics or sacred remains. Instead, the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Museum launched an exhibition of their much revered "White Chalk" Sybarites: the Spellbound collection.

The launch reception was on the 31st of July, and the designers were present to welcome everyone to admire their outstanding work. Admission is free throughout the exhibition, so if anyone is in Los Angeles, do not miss this. The Gothic setting and the amazing hand-made detailed outfits of the dolls shown is so enticing.

Some details about the show: the dates are July 31, 2014 till August 16, 2014, from 10am to5pm at the FIDM Museum, 919 S. Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015.(Ground Floor, Park Side) tel. 213.623.5821.

For those of you who have never heard of Superfrock and Sybarite dolls, some words from the website:
The Sybarite is a 16 inch resin artist-doll created by London artists Desmond Lingard and Charles Fegen in 2005. Sybarite dolls are fully articulated mannequin-like dolls and have appeared in several fashion trades (French Revue des Modes,, Women's Wear Daily). HauteDoll features Sybarites on the Covers of their magazines. The designers work under the "Superdoll" moniker and produce the dolls for a collector market. Previous to artist dolls, Fegen worked in the fashion industry as a clothing designer. Early dolls were handmade in London by Lingard and Fegen in their workshop. As the dolls went into the mainstream market, manufacturing moved to China. The dolls have 17 points of articulation, and have strung bodies similar to the Super Dollfie dolls from Japan. The Sybarite doll was introduced shortly after Asian ball-jointed dolls were gaining popularity, but differ in that they are high fashion mannequins versus the Asian ball-jointed dolls' anime inspired childlike quality.

Desmond Lingard giving an interview during the opening reception.

All photos courtesy of Superdoll London


  1. I have a friend who is there this week. She went to the Syb event. I'm anxious to see what she brings home. :)