Saturday, November 22, 2014

Joey Versaw's 3D printed "First Love" gay male dolls

Joey Versaw is not a newbie in creating fashion dolls. His Mary Magpie fashion doll character has been inspiring collectors the world over for quite some time now. Her unique eccentric 50s stylization and look is what put Joey on the map. Now he makes a step in a new direction, actually two new directions at once: 3D printing and male dolls. And not simple male dolls, but specifically gay ones.

"First Love" is one of the very first doll lines to use state of the art 3D printing. Still using old techniques of hand painting, sewing clothes, and assembly are merged with the new option of 3D printing the actual doll parts. And that method of manufacturing offers another advantage: For a limited time the buyer is offered choices in customizing the doll such as picking the eye and hair colours. A Deluxe doll choice will come dressed in full costume in colours and style of the buyer's choice. A basic dress me doll is offered as well. 

Each doll is expertly crafted and original. As a doll artist, Joey takes his dolls very personally and puts a hundred percent of love and soul into each doll. They are truly unique and filled with the joy of life he feels while creating them. As he says, "growing up gay and not being able to have dolls as a child made my passion for expression and the love of dolls even greater. I like to think of them as more than just a doll; they are a true piece of expression, they are a time, a moment, and are much more art than doll".

The dolls stand 12 inches tall and are strung, being jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and knees. The dolls are also anatomically correct. The skin has a texture to it and the look is that of a fabric doll made of felt like the vintage Lenci dolls. The pieces are hollow and although the dolls are meant to be played with, they should still be treated with care, as they can crush if stepped on, much like vintage celluloid dolls. They can wear most 12-inch male fashion doll or action figure clothing. You can get them here.

All photos by Ernesto Padro Campos, used by permission of Joey Versaw.

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  1. The line is interesting, and I hope it is successful. I've been looking at the Mary Magpie dolls, too, but I'm not sure how I feel about the more whimsical look of the dolls. Perhaps I'll give them a try at some point. :-)