Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sybarite Solitaire - the first vinyl Syb - sold out in minutes!

As we mentioned in a previous post, the first vinyl Sybarite doll, Solitaire, went on sale on the 12th of February and sold out in minutes. The edition was 75 dolls, too small, and the price was £274.00. That, along with the desirability of the doll, can explain the vanishing act. I was mistaken to think she was an edition of 1000 - that was simply the clone number. Many collectors failed to get the doll, either trying to complete the purchase or finding out they had not bought the doll as they had completed a purchase after she had sold out. 

All photos courtesy of Superdoll London.

The price, $423, is a bit high for a vinyl doll - except if you think that most Tonner vinyl dolls of the same size (but much lower quality and detail overall) sell for at least $200. I could not afford her at the moment so I did not even log on to see her when she came on sale. I am wondering why the low edition - it surely would help the price if they made more dolls. Maybe with future one. It seems that the vinyl Sybarites will be as rare and sought after as their resin sisters.

The description on the website was the following:
After years in development we are delighted to present our ALL NEW Vinyl formula. version T-5 sample, the DEBUT Generation_X Clone: 1000 Venus d'Royce
Ginger and marshmallow coloured eyes, brows in rust and charcoal with shadow of deep red and muted blacks. Lids in icy translucent white. Lips the colour of blood. Blonde wig bearing hand rooted centre parting, in a 'bedhead' state with backstage Queen of Hearts playing card set.
2 piece 'shrunken' suit consists amazing miniature tailoring with concealed shoulder pads and pocket kerchief. Pocket flap detail and functioning centre front buttons. 3 button detail to jacket cuffs. Trousers have belt loops, working front slash pockets and bum welts on back.

Further accessories include 'patent' belt, 'patent' B*TCH elongated purse with gold foil interior and the cutest hugest hot pink 'fur' pompom ever!
The piece de resistance of course is her huge double baguette pillow cut ring that gleams like a solitaire rock in the midnight sky or is it the slither of velvet spot netting she has in her purse?
'Patent' strappy stiletto sandals with the highest heels ever on a Sybarite (sans platform)

Necklace and cuff set in silver 'leather' and chained bead detail.
and of course she comes with the following standard:
-manic_cure hands (see booklet for hand change instructions)

The doll looks amazing, even though I'd prefer a more thin layer of lipstick on her lips. The body and articulation look better than the resin dolls. Considering that Desmond and Charles were researching the quality and type of vinyl for quite some time, I think it will look and feel even more fabulous in real life. And the outfit and accessories rock of course.
Below is the video with stop motion animation of Solitaire that Superdolls released. Amazing.


  1. Can't wait to get mine and I'm still amazed that I was able to do so.

  2. I think the issue is that this doll is a 'trial run' of the new material and the edition number was kept low because of this and because they could not have predicted the overwhelming demand. I'm sure future editions will be larger. As to price, this is no ordinary vinyl doll. The prototype I have seen was like no other doll on the market and the material itself has cost a huge amount of money and time to perfect. This doll's price doesn't even put a dent in that amount of £££.

    As I wasn't in a position to buy her either I am counting down the days to Paris when I will have my very own Gen_X doll... minus all the online pushing and shoving!

  3. I got mine from Marl & B. She arrives on 3/9. Can't wait to see her in person! I'm excited about this gal!