Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Tonner 2015 Mainline Collection

Tonner Doll just released their 2015 mainline collection on their websites. We are going to have a look at the fashion dolls from the release and any other doll that could be described as fashion doll as well. First up is the Marley Wentworth collection: Tyler's younger sister is all grown up and has taken her place as the fashion plate of the Tonner universe. She has her own sculpt (which looks good, especially with certain make up colours) and the 16"Chic Body which is a  variation of the Antoinette body, with broader shoulders and a fuller bust. It was first seen on the Carmen Dell'Orefice doll (which we are still waiting to see as a commercial release). 

Positive/Negative Marley Wentworth Dressed Doll
Suggested retail price: $189.99

Marley is a doll with a face that includes hand-painted details, made of  vinyl and hard plastic. She has the Marley Wentworth™ head sculpt with the 16" Chic body in the Bisque skin tone. She has green painted eyes with applied eyelashes, chestnut rooted saran hair. She is wearing a black and white stripe sequin knit dress, accessorized with nude pantyhose, a pair of rhinestone earrings and silver faux leather shoes. She comes with a stand. LE of 500 dolls.

I like her, I really do. So much so that I am pre-ordering her. She looks great. Her face strucks a nice balance between conventionally beautiful and model style, and this colouring fits her well. I have not ordered a Tonner fashion doll since Short n' Sassy Peggy Harcourt back in 2013. The dress is not perfect (at least in the production photo) but the doll looks so good I can get over it if it is not good. No earrings shown in the photos and the pumps look like someone photo shopped the heels). That's not the way to do promo shoots Tonner. And it has been like this for quite some time now.

Skyline Blue Marley Wentworth
Suggested Retail Price: $189.99

Skyline Blue Marley is a dressed doll again in the bisque skin tone, with blue painted eyes and applied eyelashes. sporting raven non-removable wigged saran hair. She is wearing a royal blue dress under a matching royal blue coat with assorted blue gauntlets. Her accessories include nude pantyhose, pink metallic shoes and a purple metallic bag. Stand included. LE 500 dolls.

Not bad but not exciting like her previous incarnation. She looks half done, as if the person making her suddenly decided they had better things to do.If the lapels were normal and the hair in an updo, she could very well have come out of the latest Prada catwalk show - without the luxurious accessories of course.

Rose, Rouge Marley Wentworth
Suggested Retail Price: $179.99

The third Marley dressed doll has the bisque skin tone, with hazel painted eyes with applied eyelashes and strawberry rooted saran hair. She is wearing a pink and red knit dress with flower trim, which comes with a white tulle petticoat. Her accessories include nude pantyhose with attached panties, black faux leather shoes, a green faux leather bag and black sunglasses. Stand included. LE of 500 dolls.

This one looks good. I love the outfit and the doll. If she had earrings and a bracelet/watch, she would be perfect. Her colouring is gorgeous. It seems that red hair in any shade fit Marley well. Can anyone explain why she is $10 cheaper than the previous ones when she has more accessories than they do?

Marley Deluxe Basic
Suggested Retail Price: $119.99

This is the basic doll version of Marley Wentworth. She has a face with hand-painted details, she is made in vinyl and hard plastic, has the Marley Wentworth™ head sculpt on a 16" Chic body in the bisque skin tone, with blue painted eyes with applied eyelashes, She comes with  two wigs: short raven saran wig and long platinum saran wig (that's nice!)/ She is wearing a black lace slip dress over nude panties and black faux leather shoes. She comes with a stand and is a LE of 500 dolls. A nice basic doll but wigged - which does not always go well with collectors. Coming with two wigs though is a plus. Pity they did not include a face close up shot - come on guys, this is a basic doll, don't show me the pumps! Her face makes or breaks her.

Cool Chic - Outfit Only
Suggested Retail Price: $99.99

The collection includes two outfits but only this one was photographed. They have put up a sketch for the other one (a black sequin and net dress with gladiator boots called Crazy Nights) but I do not like that - if you are pre-ordering something, it has to be at least upon seeing a photograph of the finished product. This outfit consists of a black faux patent leather coat with white faux fur collar over a white knit bodysuit and a black faux patent leather skirt. It comes with a pair of black boot tights (veeery fashionable right now, Karlie Kloss rocked a pair a while ago), a white and black faux leather bag and black sunglasses. LE of 300. I do not like the fastenings but the rest looks great. Wonder how well the boot tights will look in real life.

Bianca Lapin dressed doll
Suggested Retail Price : $189.99

Re-Imagination is the Tonner Doll line where dolls are inspired by fairy-tale characters with a twist. Some times they are gorgeous (Vassilissa, The Christmas Carol ghosts come to mind) and sometimes not. This time the collection has Alice In Wonderland as inspiration (again) with quite a twist. Bianca Lapin is of course the White Rabbit (Bianca is white in Italian and lapin is the rabbit in French). She is a dressed doll with the Duchess head sculpt on the 16" Chic body (it seems this is the main body for fashion dolls with Tonner now) in the lily skin tone. She has light blue painted eyes and platinum rooted saran hair. She is wearing an off white knit coat with faux fur trim over a matching faux leather dress with belt over nude pantyhose with attached panties and off white faux leather knee high boots. She comes with a stand. LE of 500 dolls.

Courreges meets Bjork. Quirky and eccentric, like the White Rabbit always should be. If the outfit is finished well, she will rock. I love the boots. Hope the ties don't tear the faux leather apart when put on.

Tweedle DeDe Dressed doll
Suggested Retail Price $169.99

This one has the Jon head sculpt (from Cami & Jon) on the 16" Chic body in the honey skin tone. She comes with brown painted eyes and mink with red rooted saran hair. She is wearing a white and black stripe knit bodysuit under a black shantung dress with attached red tulle petticoat. Her accessories include white and black stripe knit thigh highs, a black and white choker, nude pantyhose and black faux leather boots. Stand included. LE of 500 dolls.

Of course this one is a fashionable, Gaultier-esque version of Tweedledee, one of the twins in Through The Looking Glass. She looks really nice but where are the boots?

Haddy Madigan dressed doll
Suggested retail price of $219.99

The third dressed doll of the Re-Imagination release is a twist on the Mad Hatter character from Alice In Wonderland. She has the Liu Liu head sculpt on a 16" Chic body in the cameo skin tone, with blue painted eyes and mink rooted saran hair. She is wearing a black multi-coloured top with ruffle trim over a matching multi-sequin chiffon skirt with ruffle trim. Accessories include a hat (not mentioned in the description - THE important accessory of the Mad Hatter), black faux leather shoes and nude pantyhose. Stand included. LE of 500 dolls.

The Asian of the group is the most extravagantly dressed, aptly enough for this Mad Hatter inspired extravaganza. Pith her shoes are black instead of rainbow striped coloured. She sports one net gauntlet since the jacket has only one sleeve. Would be lovely to see her with a tea-pot shaped bag and a pair of opera binoculars.

Charlie Dodgson dressed doll
Suggested Retail Price: $189.99

The only male character this time, he has his own Charlie Dodgson head sculpt on the 17" Matt O'Neill™ body in the Tyler skin tone, with blue painted eyes and sandy blonde non-removable wigged saran hair, He is wearing a blue stripe shirt under a dark grey suit. He has grey knit socks and black molded plastic shoes with laces. Stand included. LE of 500 dolls.

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson is the real life name of the famous Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass and other beloved books. Here he becomes a dashing young man in a suit, a bit too plain compared to the rest of the line up. I know he's supposed to be taking on the Alice role in this re-imagined version of the story but he could have been styled a bit more eccentric. After all, Tonner has released tons of male dolls in plain suits. He looks fit to take Marley out for drinks! Handsome face though. Tempting. 

Photos © 2015 Tonner® Doll Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


  1. preciosas , gracias por compartirlas



  2. The dresses of the ladies are so cool and elegant, I love them! Charlie Dodgson is stunning, I'd like to add him to my Tonner Twilight Jacob, but I don't have enough room

  3. Wow, I love and i want "Tweedle DeDe" <3

  4. Son preciosas sus si me encanta la rubia y su conjuntado su calzado maravilloso, besosss

  5. The Skyline Blue doll has my favorite hairstyle of the line, but I will opt for the wigged doll whenever I see that option -- and hope that I will be able to pick up the outfits separately. Wigs just have more opportunities for expressing different looks. I'd like to see Marley have a more youthful and trendy look than Tyler or Cami, so all of these outfits fall short. Can Tonner do trendy?

    They can do quirky well, as seen in the Re-Imagination dolls, so there is hope.

    Bianca Lapin is just everything. Love the hair, the face up, and the outfit. I'm looking forward to seeing people post pictures of her redressed to see how versatile she is.

    Charlie, surprisingly, is quite good. His face has more character somehow than most of the male dolls. The outfit is a bit of a letdown as you mentioned; it would have been better if it had been more like the red carpet suits worn by more daring stars (Jared Leto, for example) or a Grammys look. It definitely shouldn't have been such a dark suit. Alice is usually depicted in light blue and white, for goodness sakes, and some very interesting things could have been done with that. Still, I will look to pick him up and see about redressing him. ;-)