Thursday, August 27, 2015

A new diva coming from Mattel: Claudette Gordon™ Barbie® Doll

During the annual Barbie convention this year, new dolls were presented to the attendees. One of them was (finally!) an articulated collector's doll, in the spirit of the brilliant (and not repeated, unfortunately) Jazz Diva Barbie from 2007. Her name is Claudette Gordon™and she's a Gold Label® doll by designer Carlyle Nuera.

Her release date is the 8th of September. She is inspired by the great beauties who sang their hearts out on stage of the Harlem Theatre. She's wearing a sleeveless dress in flapper style, that features a drop waist bodice and embroidered peacock feather design in shades of teal, purple, and gold. Black point d’esprit material forms the dress’ asymmetrical skirt. The doll also has a 1920s era “microphone” stand.

Technical features: 

Body Type: Straight ModelMuse torso with poseable arms and legs
Skin Tone: Light Black
Facial Sculpt: Claudette
Fashion Sewn On: No
Eyelashes: Painted
Included: Doll stand, microphone, shoes, 3 beaded necklaces, headband
Customizations: Straight ModelMuse torso with poseable arms and legs
Price: $85.00

Yes, you read that correctly, she is a new sculpt, and one I really like. Sexy and elegant at the same time. Let's hope the produced doll looks like the promo photos. What I would have liked is that she had waist articulation as well. I hope to be able to get her.

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  1. Articulated and a new face sculpt! Very exciting! She is beautiful too!

  2. Hello from Spain: I really like this new face mold. Great doll. Fabulous look. Nice pics. Keep in touch

  3. Nice doll. She looks like Whitney Houston :)

  4. Amazing facesculpt. She looks very cool!!

  5. I want this one!!! Do we have to belong to the Barbie club? I let mine lapse a few years ago.

  6. I was thrilled to get this doll. I saw it at convention and was totally amazed at how beautiful and unique she is.