Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Misaki doll will be available in September

Azone have posted the new FR Nippon Collection Misaki doll (the 18th Misaki series as the site says) at their website (and Integrity on their Facebook page). It is described as '60s-style retro POP in a Ryi style. It has side glancing eyes and an asymmetrical Oriental hairstyle, while she is dressed in a colorful violet dress with embroidery at the bottom. She's really cute.

You can preorder the doll from Azone. I could not figure the day that you can place a preorder but it is either 19th of September or the day before. Contact Azone for details.

FR Nippon
FRN056-LMK / 4582119986049
Let Me Kiss You Misaki
Hair: Milk tea 
Eye: Misty Blue
Lip: Baby rose (Fairy Pink)

Set Contents
Doll (about 29cm realistic eye Rush)
Dress socks, shoes, ring, earrings, handbag
Doll Stand
¥16,000 + tax=  ¥ 17,280

The doll will be available on September 19, 2016 at the Azone stand (no. 47) in the Doll Show exhibition. People who buy the doll at the exhibition also get an ITJ special novelty gift. Shipping at the end of October. Two dolls per person. 

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