Friday, December 23, 2016

Just in time for the holidays, a new Gene Marshall doll: It happened on 5th Avenue

JamieSHOW dolls released a new Gene Marshall doll just in time for the holidays, and she looks magnificent. The doll is one of the most beautiful Gene dolls ever, I love her make up and hairstyle. The outfit reminds me a bit of the Silkstone Boater ensemble, it is stylish, elegant and very chic for a shopping spree down 5th Avenue. Below are photos and the doll description and details from JamieShow. Preorder her here. It will ship in mid-January 2017.

Mel Odom's 
Holiday Gene Marshall Doll
"It happened on 5th Ave"
Ltd. Edition 100
Pre Order Shipping Mid January
Note: Shopping Bags pictured are not included.

And what happened you ask?  Just the earliest breath of Spring New York City ever saw!!!  That’s all!!!  Well actually, only a few lucky people in New York City were there to see this particular breath of spring, Gene Marshall modeling a chic spring suit, standing on Fifth Avenue in freezing December weather.   Of course the photo wouldn’t show up in print for months, but they needed the picture right away. Since Gene was back east visiting her parents she was asked and accepted the assignment.  

First assignment was to find a sunny day for the shoot and then a location that wouldn’t look like winter.  Fifth Ave. in the 40s filled the bill and Gene bravely wore the lightweight suit and smiled for the cameras in between cups of hot coffee, with an assistant holding a fur coat standing off camera.  Her being a consummate actress helped with the chattering teeth and forced smile.  The fake world of a Hollywood movie studio was looking pretty good about then. 

Gene’s navy silk suit is trimmed with white and navy piping at the neckline, notched cuffs and peplum.  Full, white sleeves extend to ¾ length, beneath the bell shaped sleeves of the belted jacket.  Black, pearl-trimmed gloves and black and white spectator pumps are the accessories for the extremities, with a crisp white boater and teardrop pearls at the ears topping off this warm weather look!  Gene’s platinum hair is pulled back into a chignon of soft curls and her makeup is based on the blush of spring’s first kiss.

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