Friday, April 6, 2007

Madame Alexander's Greta Garbo

Garbo as a doll eh? Sounds strange but here she is. Madame Alexander made two Garbo dolls, one in 2002 (along with a Dietrich and a Garland) and one in 2003. The first one was named Grand Hotel (from the film) and the second one Camille, each dressed in outfits from the corresponding movies. Each was released in 1500 dolls worldwide. I have the first one, Grand Hotel.
The body is not highly articulated - only joints in shoulders, neck, legs, waist. She does look like Garbo, especially if you play with her hair a bit. The face paint is good, the hairdo not as much. The problem is that, as in other Madame Alexander fashion dolls, the body does not seem to have proper proportions. But she does look a bit better than the highly articulated Alex doll.

She comes wearing a lovely blue satin dress, thirties style and simple, with a zipper down her back, and a single strand pearl necklace. The pearls do seem a bit large for her size. no earrings though. Over the dress she is wearing a blue wool coat with fake fur collar and big buttons. The ensemble is topped by a matching blue hat and completed by simple dark blue fabric pumps and a nondescript bag.

I like the sculpt a lot - she looks mysterious enough for Garbo and I just have to find the right outfits for her to wear to show the likeness off. Maybe from Gene's wardrobe. See her in b&w: a real movie star of days gone by.

Sans hat and coat: "Gif me a viskey, ginger ale on the side and don't be stingy!"*

* Garbo's first line on her first talkie picture.


  1. Oh how I love classic 30's style...

  2. Love your pics. I have both Garbo dolls. This one is my favourite because she's much more modern than Camille and indeed you can change her looks.