Friday, March 23, 2007

Tyler Wentworth®

Tyler is the Tonner company's most famous face and doll. She was launched in 1999 by Robert Tonner and has seen many changes since then.
In her latest incarnation, she has an articulated hard vinyl body with articulation in many points (elbows, neck, shoulders, side-to-side drop shoulder joint, twist waist, hips (hip joints are rotational ball joints), knees and bending wrists(BW body). This year they introduced another change in the basic line called Convertible - you can change the feet from arched to flat. Here's the official description:
"With the exception of the Convertible Basic™ dolls, 2007 Tyler Wentworth® fine dolls are available in a BW Style (Articulated Body - Bending Wrist); and a BA Style (Standard Jointing - Bending Arms). Standard BA jointed dolls feature a fully rotational neck joint, rotational shoulder joint, and jointing at the elbows, hips and knees. The BW Style adds to the BA style doll, a swivel waist, rotational hip joint that allows for leg crossing, side-to-side drop-shoulder movement; bending wrists and increased elbow movement. Convertible Basic™ dolls include all articulation points of the BW body, and they add two pairs of interchangeable feet, one with a jointed ankle and flat foot, the other with an arched high-heel foot".
My Tyler is the Signature Tyler, a doll one step further than the basic Tyler, with the fully articulated body (mine is the first that had this body). Her articulation is great, she can sit very well, as you will see in a photo below, and the poses are endless. The good thing is the joints are strong and keep the pose very well. She came dressed in her signature white cotton long-sleeved blouse with wrap knit skirt and belt, black hose with back seams, sunglasses and black faux suede lace up boots. The newest Signature comes with pumps instead. See how she came, in the photo below:

Of course she is a lovely doll, although her face is a bit too dolly like. She is a clotheshorse, ready to wear even the most demanding outfits. Surprisingly, she fits into some Gene AD stuff! So here she is with Shimmering Star, a lovely Gene gown.

Of course, the gown may look amazing but it is made of a synthetic shimmering organza that feels cheap in the hand and the beading looks a bit out of scale for a gown this size (the beads are huge). The overall effect though is nice. Here is a close up:

She can be very sultry, especially with her hair down. Here she is wearing Franklin Mint's Diana's Christina Stambolian black cocktail dress, the infamous "divorce" dress. more about this at the post about that Diana doll.

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  1. Stratos.. your pictures are just beautiful. It's always such a thrill to see what you're coming up with!!!
    Can't wait to see the next ones... ok I'm impatient.. so what??? LOL
    Thanks for sharing