Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rita Hayworth

She is one of the most beautiful fashion dolls i own. She is a very good likeness of the famous movie star Rita Hayworth, with her chiseled face and the flaming red hair cascading into lovely big curls on her back. She could be a bit taller though - her height makes her my shortest fashion doll, along with Franklin Mint's Jackie O, making it difficult to dress her elegantly. Her petite body makes it easy for her to wear most of Gene's clothing. This suits her ideally as it is clothing that belongs to her era. She is not articulated at the elbows, knees or wrists, making her difficult to pose. She has a sturdy saddle stand with her name inscribed on a raised plaque at the front.

She was released in 2000 for a benefit: "Sony Pictures Consumer Products and Princess Yasmin Aga Khan (daughter of Rita Hayworth and honorary vice chair for the Alzheimer's Association)will unveil the first Rita Hayworth as Gilda(TM) collector Doll for hundreds of FAO Schwartz (New York)customers. The new line of dolls, manufactured by Simple Wishes,will launch exclusively through FAO Schwartz (SRP $150) beginning September 27. A portion of proceeds from the purchase of the doll will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association" Unfortunately the line did not continue and we were left with this doll only, which is very hard to find as it was made in a limited edition (I do not know the run of the edition, so knowledgeable people fill me in).

Below you can see her in her original Gilda outfit:

A close up:

Here she is in a lovely Gene outfit, Champagne Supper:

And here she is in another of Gene's outfits called Emerald Eve. I think green suits her a lot!


  1. Strange blog - is this your`e private collection?

  2. Yes it is my private collection. I hope you like this.

  3. Hello Sandman_gr,
    I was looking for further informations on the Rita Hayworth which I've just purchased on ebay and I found your blog. Thank you very much for it taught me quite a lot about the whole project. So far, I only knew she was a FAO exclusive.
    All the best for your blog which is already among my favourites.
    Rebecca in Paris

  4. Hello Stratos,
    The production run for the Rita Hayworth doll was 9,900.
    I found that number on the certificate for the doll inside the box.
    My doll is #407 respectively.
    I enjoy your blog, one of the best out there!
    Nicole in Toronto

  5. You are so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous. I cannot find any seller who would sell this doll on eBay. I wish Tonner would make Rita Hayworth - he made Ava Gardner (which was quickly sold out but I got my hands on one), Joan Crawford and Bette Davis already.

    Thanks again for your blog, I enjoyed it!

    1. Two of these dolls are being sold on ebay as of today 9-3-12

  6. I have the Rita Hayworth Gilda doll still in box wanting to sell her-made in 2000 Simple Wishes-2000 Columbia Pictures Industries--doll was only taken out once -box slightly torn-hairnet still on perfect mint condition-

    Kimberly Major

  7. hey, know where to buy another of these lovely Rita Barbie dolls?

    Thanks, MJ
    beautifulprincess61 AT juno DOT com

  8. i have the doll for sale Gilda-Rita Hayworth-the number is 0202/ of 9900 produced-interested buyer my email is

  9. I have a Gilda-Rita Hayworth doll, never removed from box, that I would like to sell. I don't know her production number as I have never opened the box. This doll's box has been signed by Rita's daughter, Princess Yasmin Aga Kahn. If interested, please e-mail me at:

  10. perhaps I'm mistaken... but doesn't the original dress (or at least in the film) have the pointed breasts on the bodice? It looks curved on this one. i'm trying to find the designer of the dress. I believe it's Jean Louis, but the details were vague. I just posted the video on my Tumblr.

  11. Stratos - the hair on your Rita seems very natural; did you have to brush it out or do anything to it to make it more relaxed and not so stiff?

  12. Dave yes, her hair was brushed but it was not that stiff to begin with.

  13. Thanks Stratos - I'll give it a try on mine. The curls seem to have a lot of "hairspray" on them for the one that I have. And thanks for this fantastic post which let me know this doll existed!

  14. I was fortunate enough to purchase one of these dolls through it's mail order advertisement in 2000. I spotted another doll NRFB in 2008 on ebay and quickly purchased it. I think this is a great likeness of Miss Hayworth and the quality of the doll is superb.

  15. The Rita doll I had posted for sale on this site has been sold. Thanks everyone for your interest in this beautiful doll!

  16. Does anyone have a Rita Hayworth FAO Schwarz doll or repaint to sell? Thanks

  17. Green with red hair is the bomb!!