Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Fashion Doll Chronicles is here!

Finally got around to set up a blog for one of my biggest hobbies - Fashion Dolls. Fashion dolls are dolls made for adults - not for kids. They usually wear elaborate costumes and have highly detailed faces and model proportioned bodies. They come in several sizes, the usual is 16" (like Mel Odom's Gene) or 12" tall (like Jason Wu's Fashion Royalty dolls). I will be posting photos of my collection of fashion dolls and share tips and information with everybody interested in them. I am not in any way affiliated with any of the companies that manufacture fashion dolls (I wish I was!) so this is not an advertisement or endorsement for any of them.


  1. Good luck to you on establishing a new blog on fashion dolls. I wish you much success.
    Dick from Maine

  2. Your dolls are truly beautiful and I hope to see more of your collection soon.