Wednesday, March 7, 2007

First doll presented - Gene by Mel Odom

One of the dolls that make a big part of my collection is Gene, by Mel Odom. Gene was the doll that "made" fashion doll collecting an obsession. She is 15" 1/2 tall and her full name is Gene Marshall (real name Katie Marshall). She was first presented in 1995. Ashton Drake manufactured the doll up until 2005. 2006 saw Integrity and Jason Wu taking the rights to manufacture Gene, marking a new chapter in her life. An enduringly alluring doll, she is made to fit a movie star living from the 40s up to late 50s, with outfits to match, either film costumes or her "real life" outfits for various moments of her life.
This Gene you can see here is the 2006 Blush Gene, one of the basic dolls from the relaunch of Mel Odom's Gene, manufactured by Integrity and Jason Wu. She is articulated at neck, waist, chest, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and knees, making her highly poseable. Here are some Gene photos from my personal collection, I hope you like them.

Here is Gene Blush (the Jason Wu basic raven haired model) wearing Cognac Evening and using the Gene Director's chair (both made by AD).

A b/w look, after all, she's a movie star:

And this is how she came to me, the basic 2006 Blush Gene, in her glorius lingerie:

Of course this is but one of my Gene dolls, more will come in later posts.


  1. Hi Stratos

    Mel has personally donated a Gene doll for Kathy Osborn's ART FOR CATS auction. It'll go live on ebay at the end of February. Check out the preview gallery on Facebook and become a fan:

  2. I have 7 Gene dolls and 6 Ivy Jordan dolls after seeing them on your blog and Davelandweb's blog. I purchased most of them at bargain price on Ebay. If you are lucky, you could still find brand new Marsha Hunt in Irene gown, Calendar Shot, All About the Eyes, etc at half price at Integrity Toys website.