Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fashion Royalty: Agness Von Weiss - Dressing The Part

Fashion Royalty, unlike the fashion dolls I have written about in previous posts, is a series of 12" fashion dolls. Jason Wu, a very talented designer, has created a coveted doll collection that, for six running years, has never failed to capture the fashion doll collector's enthusiasm and fantasy. All dolls of the many FR collections are highly desired collectibles, with their prices rising immediately after their release. The quality of the dolls and their outfits, their original design and style, makes them worthy of any fashion doll enthusiast's attention.

Agnes Von Weiss is a character created by Jason Wu for special event dolls. However, the Agnes presented here was an FR W Club exclusive for Fall 2006. A limited edition of 750 dolls, this is one of the most coveted dolls in the FR collection today.
The doll was presented in a special box, with the Hi Fi Theme ribbon. This Agnes is blond, while the FR Convention Agnes was a redhead and the FAO Agnes was raven haired. She has the Modern Pompadour taller articulated body.

The doll comes with a versatile ensemble. It includes a black embroidered bodysuit with an opening under the breasts,, two black skirts from the same fabric as the bodysuit (a full skirt with a tulle petticoat and a pencil skirt lined in burgundy silk,), a burgundy sash, short black gloves, a pair of shoes (fabric with plastic soles) in black with burgundy insteps, a black bag from the same fabric as the outfit, and a set of jewellery with red crystals (a pair of earrings and a bracelet).

Included in the box was a Christmas ornament, consisting of a small faceted silver ball like a disco ball in miniature, tied with a black ribbon. In its place I would have preferred a second pair of shoes - a pair of simple black pumps. The lovely slingbacks are difficult to stay in place and can easily fall off. No complaints about the rest of the outfit, it is gorgeous. The black on black embroidery makes it very elegant and stylish. The jewellery is spectacular (although a ring could have been included here).

Fashion is Barbie Happy Go Lightly by Robert Best

And how about the doll itself? Agnes has a very strong personality. I find her extremely beautiful and elegant, in a sombre and demure fashion very much in the style of Lisa_Fonssagrives, the famous model wife of photographer Irving Penn. She also reminds me a lot of Nicole Kidman. She is not a face that will appeal to everyone, far from it. But that makes her even more special. Her face screening is great, with a real expression and not the classic vacant stare of many dolls. Her hairdo is impeccable, showing off her lovely face.
I do not know how versatile she can be, but I did photograph her with other outfits. Here she is wearing the FR Guaranteed Chic outfit from the Modern Pompadour Collection, 2006:

And here she is wearing the dress and shoes from Barbie Fashion Model Collection's Happy-Go-Lightly outfit by Robert Best.

This outfit is a mixed bag: silk shirt is by FR Social Call set, skirt is by Barbie

The lovely Mies Van De Rohe Barcelona chair imitation is the FR Luxury Decor Furniture Set High Definition Black Suede Couch from the Graphic Flirtation Collection of 2005.


  1. This doll is seriously gorgeous. Sigh, why can't I look like her?

  2. oh my oh my... this is amazing idea. just flawless.