Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Chewin gallery: The outfits!

This is the final part of the Chewin Chronicles, he he. In the photos that follow, the outfits Chewin has auctioned off at e bay in the last year or so. We get two in one though, as all the dolls that model for these are his repaints too - you will recognize some of the faces you have seen in previous posts.I hope everyone enjoyed his work as much as I did. I am certain we will see more great things from him in the future.

Remember the black fashion on my Obsidian Vanessa? Here is the original on a repainted Face Time Eugenia.

A repainted Hypnotic Francisco Leon wears a jeans outfit similar to that of my Francisco in a previous post. Only the colors differ.

A closer look at the repaint...ahem...

White jacket, jeans and turtleneck for Primal Urges Francisco Leon

A repaint of Aquaman wears a Chewin fashion and looks very trendy.

Even Sybarites get the Chewin treatment.

Veronique Perrin gets a Chewin makeover and an outfit too! This versatile little number consists of a bolero jacket, bodysuit and skirt.

Basil wears a dark navy jacket and tie, silk Thai pants and plaid shirt

A brown corduroy ensemble for Francisco Leon - with a white turtleneck.

Evandro, a Matt repaint, wears a black outfit with a chequered lining.

Chewin's repaint of Pierre, one of his best works in 1/6, is wearing a plaid vest over a knit t-shirt and faded jeans.

Francisco is wearing a coat over a vest, turtlenecks and pants.

This repaint of Matt wears a creamy yellow collarless jacket over a shirt and silk pants.

A Sybarite in gold. A very sexy dress from Chewin.

High & Mighty Darius Reid gets a serious makeover as an exotic guru with Nadja Rhymes as a protégée in her red lace frills.

We have seen the outfit Francisco is wearing in a previous post. But the main focus here must be Ayumi next to him: wearing a gunmetal silk Thai suit with a red & white polka dot scarf, this repainted beauty steals the show.

Romantic look and outfit for this lovely Sybarite doll.

Matt as a teenager? And in a boys band? Monkees beware!

A very dapper Matt repaint in jacket, striped shirt and jeans - a very Italian look.

Remember Jerome? Here is his exquisite Native American costume.

I love white/cream for winter. Here is Matt in a coat, sweater and pants by Chewin.

Mahiru sporting a trench coat over a Nehru jacket and pants. Impeccable tailoring!

Rule Breaker Pierre De Vries in sweater, shirt and jeans by Chewin.

A modern dandy look for Matt - très chic!

Natalia Fatalé is going riding in a very elegant version of a riding costume.

Stripes for our fashionable Francisco Leon .

Pierre De Vries is ready for the boardroom in this tailored suit.

Here is a close up of the suit's jacket: the details speak for themselves.

And for our finale, Sadao wears a corduroy vest over a cream sweater, white shirt, red tie and jeans with leather belt.

All photos courtesy of Pornchewin Malipunte

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  1. I would kill for an outfit like the one Sybarite (sixth from the top, right under Aquaman) is wearing... You can keep the doll (xexexe)
    (eight letters to type!!! I think this is some kind of new record) :)