Monday, September 24, 2007

Chewin gallery: The repaints!

Here are the Chewin repaints I managed to archive from his e-bay photos. His work is truly amazing and the detail he lavishes on each doll is breathtaking. Usually apart from repainted, they are re-rooted too, with equally amazing results.So without further ado, here is his unique work:

Angelina, a former Tonner Sydney

A repain of Tonner's Aquaman doll, posing as a model for Chewin clothing.

A Tonner Basil repaint

A Tonner Charlotte

Eugen, an Effanbee Basil

A Tonner Matt repaint as a Native American called Jerome.

Mahiru was a Tonner Matt. Notice the tattoo on the shoulder & chest.

Going to smaller dolls for a change: Sadao is a Fashion Royalty Francisco Leon repaint.

I have not included dolls already featured in previous posts. And of course this is far from a total archive of Chewin's work so far. So feel free to join in with your own dolls made by Chewin. His outstanding outfits will be featured in a similar presentation on the next post.
All photos courtesy of Pornchewin Malipunte

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  1. Plenty of photos this time :-) Chewin does eyes particularly well I think. Also the 5 o'clock shadow.
    You can see that his heart really is in doing the boy dolls as he said in part one. Ann Z.