Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fashion Royalty: Bewitching Hour Luchia

A few days ago, the Fashion Royalty W Club announced its second doll of the year. The W Club dolls are the ones sold only to club members, and made in numbers according to the orders placed. This year, they had two dolls announced, and Bewitching Hour Luchia is the second much anticipated doll. I must say that the Luchia sculpt is not one of my favourites of the Fashion Royalty line - it is the reason I only have one Isha (the original character with this face) so far in my collection. But with this doll, I might just change my mind after all.

Jason Wu had hinted at the FR convention that the new Club doll would be a familiar character done in a different way. Was he right! The revamped Luchia is done in a colour palette reminiscent of the Mademoiselle Jolie OOAK charity doll, a truly different and beautiful look for Ms. Luchia Z. She does indeed bring to mind Angelina Jolie (in her blonde days), which is the main reason I really like this doll. According to the Club description, the doll models a "super-villain" inspired look mixed with true haute style.

Luchia is dressed in a mini dress in the palest of pink hues, accented with micro-pleated detail at the bust. Her black knee-length trench coat stands out with a number of fabulous details including buckles that highlight the three-quarter sleeve and an oversized "leather" studded belt with lace-up closure. Black gloves, earrings and a black chrome cuff bracelet round out the ensemble. The look is completed with potentially the hottest footwear ever done for Fashion Royalty, a pair of mile-high strappy gladiator boots that would make even Carrie Bradshaw jealous! Luchia's golden blonde locks, blush skin tone (a first for Luchia) and vampy makeup palette add the perfect complement to her "haute" outfit! The clothes look very stylish and the leather belt stunning - not to mention the gladiator boots (please do not try them at home!). So this looks like a winner to me!


  1. Καλά, πώς τα κάνουνε τα πλισέ σε τέτοια κλιμακα? Απίστευτο!
    Προσωπικά πάντως με ξετρελαίνουν οι Enchanted Dolls της Marina Bychkova.

  2. Που να δεις και κάτι άλλα απίστευτα...ας είναι καλά τα κινέζικα χεράκια.
    Οι κούκλες της Bychkova είναι όντως υπέροχες. Απλά ανήκουν σε ένα άλλο realm με το οποίο δεν ασχοληθηκα για πολλούς λόγους, αλλα θαυμάζω από μακριά.

  3. I wish I could read the comments. LOL.

  4. Terri, lopi said above that she was amazed by the pleats in this scale. Then she writes that she personally admires the Marina Bychkova Enchanted Dolls (see link on the right). I replied that she ain't seen nothing yet (hehe) and that chinese manufacturing makes detailing possible. I also said that regarding Bychkova's dolls, they are amazing but belong to another realm that i did not enter for many reasons but admire from afar. :-)

  5. i love the shoes... looks like what cassie wore in her official girl video

  6. Thanks Terence - nice blog you got there!

  7. Pll choose your pic of FR dolls to facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Fashion-Royalty/277190482310103

    I'll add it with link to your blog. :)