Saturday, October 18, 2008

Queen V - when will she appear?

I finally decided to post the pictures of Queen V, a Fashion Royalty Japan Exlusive doll, given through Dollybird magazine for dolls. It is an exclusive for their tenth anniversary and was the object of a lottery for those able to obtain a copy of the magazine and send back the application form inside it. The edition size is 450 dolls. It was announced in mid-April 2008 but the doll has not materialized yet - and Veronique has changed face!

The doll looks amazing : I think it is the best Veronique ever made. In a very pale, almost white skin tone, with hair in a marvellous up-do, with matching face-paint, she is the epitome of Royalty. Her outfit resembles an Elizabethan era gown, from the corseted bodice to the high starched lace collar around her delicate neck. She has a tiara with the obious W on it, a huge necklage, drop earrings and two rings, and also a lingerie set. Oly a scepter and an orb are missing from the Queens trusseau!

Her exorbitant price plus the high costs of shipping and customs charges from Japan made her unavailable to me (and many others I guess). I am really jealous of hte people getting her - though the must have loads of patience!

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  1. It always annoys me when Integrity advertises ultra limited edition dolls that costing hundreds of dollars that are not available. Making people wait months for a doll they paid $400+ for is criminal!