Saturday, November 13, 2010

Integrity Toys Dark Romance Convention 2010 part 6 - finale

The Saturday night ballroom was dark but festive as guests arrived for the final event of the Dark Romance convention. The centerpiece doll was a FR Monogram doll: Smoldering. The Monogram dolls are very popular with collectors and this centerpiece doll looks very elegant and Haute Couture like all the dolls of this line. I guess most of the attendees wanted the chance to purchase this doll. Also she is the first dark skinned Monogram. I think she looks great.

Then the final piece to the Fashion Royalty Gift Set given to all attendees was given to them. Every convention guest was given a fashion that completed the Agnes Fashion Royalty Gift Set. This completed gift set is called Head for Glamour Agnes Von Weiss and contains a complete mix-and-match set of fashions and accessories. Agnes looks a lot like Dressing The Part Agnes as I said before and is bound to be really popular. A dark haired version of her was given out to all helpers with the workshops - here is a link to a photo of her. Such a nice reward for their efforts.

Jason Wu was the event's guest speaker, announcing his intentions for the FR lines next year. He tried to answer several questions from the audience after his speech and also revealed sneak peek photos of Veronique Perrin, the first ever FR doll (along with Adele) who has been absent from the line's release for quite a while. I saw the photos and I do think she looks really good, hopefully we will see her sometime early next year. Here is a link to a photo from that peek (from Shuga Shug)

After the meal, Jason unveiled the exclusive Dark Romance convention doll which was, contrary to many people's anticipation (but probable since Veronique would not be seen this year) Dark Romance Giselle Diefendorf. Since she was supposedly doing the "fashion show" her big sister was hosting, it was only natural to be presented as the convention doll. She looks fabulous in her gorgeous black frilly gown with beaded bodice, smoky eyes (those grey eyebrows and eye-shadow remind me of Mel Odom's Gene so much).

(Part five will be posted when FR2 info becomes available)

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  1. great post! i just bumped into your blog! love-great inspiration!

    ciao ciao from

  2. Love the theme of your blog. I have a great fascination with dolls in our culture (my blog is, but I love your angle of fashion.

    Is this FR2 / Integrity Toys Dark Romance Convention 2010 only about dolls (and designer dolls at that)?

    I will have to finish reading your posts about this conference.

    Again, great blog!


  3. Dear Carrie, Integrity Toys specializes in fashion dolls, Jason Wu, tha famous fashion designer is overseeing some of their doll lines, so yes, the convention is only about those particular dolls.