Friday, December 3, 2010

Janet Jackson is a doll. No, really. A Barbie doll!

Mattel joined forces with Janet Jackson to benefit Project Angel Food. They created a miniature replica of the singer wearing the outfit from her American Idol appearance this year. The doll looks gorgeous and she does look a lot like Janet. She is a one-of-a-kind doll and is currently being auctioned to benefit the charity. If you want to bid, check this link. But what does the designer Jackeline Gonzales have to say about this:

"What’s a doll to do when she’s face-to-face with multi-Grammy award winning artist and actress Janet Jackson? Swoon! That’s exactly what happened when I met Miss Janet, and I’m beyond thrilled to have been involved in look-alike doll project. Inspired by the ultra-glam black gown she wore during her 2010 American Idol performance, I knew we had to recreate that look for her one of a kind doll". 

Mattel Designer Jackeline Gonzalez duplicated the black gown, including the body-hugging cat-suit underneath that she revealed during her second, upbeat performance. Her gown is kissed with bling created by countless hand-placed Swarovski crystals. Even her mic is crystal-studded. Look closely dolls, Janet’s sassy, short hairstyle, unique face and body sculpt and face painting all meticulously duplicate the legendary singer’s features. Divinely Janet includes a certificate of authenticity and a unique display case for your superstar collectible.


  1. Thanks!

    Now I wonder how long it will be that Mattel sells her for the general public? Remember the one-of-a-kind Cher from years ago?

    I'd be glad to see her as a playline or collector doll.

  2. Well, Mattel already has three Cher dolls out there (I have two of them)

  3. Wow I,m big fan of Janet`s wonderful music and love her doll,miniregards from Spain.

  4. if any of those children could benefit from a severed hand or leg, i'd bid each of mine for this doll....omg i LOVE her!!!!!!!!!

  5. WOw perfect resemblance. Gorgeous!!