Friday, January 7, 2011

Tonner Dolls Pre-Toyfair collection! Part one - Cami & Jon

Tonner Dolls anounnced their pre-ToyFair collection on their website. We are of course interested in the fashion dolls from the huge spectrum of collections they offer, so let's take a look to see the new arrivals.

Lately Tonner has put much of their weight behind promoting the Cami & Jon line. It says on the website that this collection will be made to order so hurry up to reserve yours. There are four basic dolls, one of them wigged, two outfits and three wigs. The body is the 16"Antoinette body. The sculpts do not look too fashion doll like to me, they look too cute and girly doll for my taste. But I am sure they will be very popular. Here they are:

 Wigged basic Cami

 Basic Cami Redhead

Basic Jonquil Brunette


One of the basic dolls ( Basic Cami Brunette) does not have an image up yet. I like the black evening gown (City Nights), although I would have preferred it to have a more pronounced blouse effect. The other outfit (Play on words), which you can buy online already, reminds me a lot of many I have seen in last year's spring collections.

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