Friday, January 7, 2011

Tonner Dolls Pre-Toyfair collection! Part two - Retro gals: Deanna & Holywood

Retro lines are usually treated with panache by Tonner and this one is no exception The Deanna Denton line features a unique full figured body which is more realistic for the period. For this collection they have only one dressed doll. I like the outfit but the doll leaves me cold. She could have looked that much better. Their previous efforts were so much more interesting. I hope this changes again for the next one. It is called Bye Bye Baby. Yes of course it is the Marilyn song:

So she could have looked like that. Sigh.

Let us stay in Holywood then and check out the Holywood Glamour collection. Tonner have condensed here all the old Holywood star dolls they make plus a series of glamorous outfits.

 Joan Crawford is a gorgeous doll, the likeness of the sculpt is breathtaking and the outfit so glamourous it dazzles. An excellent doll but quite expensive at US$189.99. The doll is named appropriately Devil In White and is wearing a sleek satin gown and luxurious faux fur trimmed capelet, adorned with a lavish rhinestone brooch. Rhinestone bracelet, pantyhose, and faux-leather shoes also included. Joan Crawford™ Head Sculpt and 16" Tyler BW Body; Blue Eyes w/ Raven Hair and Bloom Skin tone. I think she could have used a pair of long gloves.

Ava Gardner is again a great sculpt and this release is probably the one that looks more like the famous film star. I like the outfit as well, although the jewellery is too simple for a star of this calibre. A pair of short gloves would have looked perfect as well as a clutch bag. The doll is called Hearts Ablaze and she wears a red dress of sumptuous lace and frothy tulle. Her waist is cinched in with a satin belt and sparkling rhinestone buckle. Rhinestone earrings, bracelet, pantyhose, and faux-leather pumps also included. Ava Gardner™ Head Sculpt and 16" Tyler BW Body; Green Eyes w/ Brunette Hair and Bloom Skin tone.

There is a Bette Davies doll as well, called Stardust but no picture is available yet. She comes clothed in a shimmering gown with matching braided trim, gleaming beaded bracelet, pantyhose, and T-strap high-heeled shoes. Bette Davis™ Head Sculpt and 16" Tyler BW Body; Blue Eyes w/ Platinum Hair and Bloom Skin tone.


  1. Joan Crawford is indeed a gorgeous doll! I love her face. Very attractive!

  2. The Joan Crawford doll is fabulous! I don't even collect Tonner and I want her.

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  5. I have to have the Ava Gardner doll. She looks fabulous and so much like the movie star.

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