Sunday, August 12, 2012

Poppy Parker: The Happening

As mentioned in my April post about the main Poppy Parker collection this year, the mood is Swinging Sixties in London. I managed to get three dolls of that collection and the first one has arrived: Poppy Parker The Happening! 

She's even better than her promo photos! She is wearing a mini dress covered in silver sequins, with a round neckline (that reminds me of ancient Egypt), ending at the back in straps (look further down for photos of it), metallic fishnet stockings, and her accessories include one of the best pairs of earrings I have seen on a doll (silver concentric circles hanging with beads under a "diamond" stud), four silver bangles (that were tarnished almost instantly), a silver clutch (which is her only so-so accessory, looks and feels cheap) and a pair of silver sling-back bow shoes. 

Her hair is pulled up and back in a very long ponytail, with the top puffed up in a very mid-sixties style. The hair is treated with product to make it stay put and wavy. I know some people had problems with greasy or over-treated hair but mine looks perfect. Her make up is very mod: light blue eye-shadow, black eye-liner, applied lashes and almost nude shiny lips. Her eyes are purple but do not look unnatural.

There is nothing not to love about this doll, except that awful clutch and the tarnished bangles. Almost perfect. Now I'm even more giddy anticipating the next one coming. 

And how small this world really is. As I was preparing this post, a very special lady I am following on twitter, Penny Calder, posted a photograph from the special 50th anniversary issue of British Vogue, from mid October 1965. I found the whole spread, with model Donna Mitchell photographed by David Montgomery,  from that issue in this gorgeous website and I think this is pretty much the inspiration for Poppy's outfit.

So below is a series of Poppy's photos specially treated for your pleasure. Hope you like her as much as I do.


  1. simplemente me encanta ,preciosa



  2. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your new doll. You make a great buy. I agree with you that this Poppy is gorgeous, keep in touch

  3. Great photo shoot!

  4. She looks like one of those great dancing girls at "The Pompeii" in "Sweet Charity":