Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tonner Fall holiday release Pt.2: Cami & Jon™ Collection

The other major fashion line of Tonner is the Cami & Jon™ Collection. This time around there are two dressed dolls and two outfits plus four basic dolls. There was also one Antoinette doll only so it will be shown here, at the end of this post.

First one is Definitely Downtown $179.99 Dressed doll LE 300. She has the Gina head sculpt and the 16" Antoinette™ body in the Tyler skin tone. She sports a brown removable wig of saran hair with red highlights and has green painted eyes. Her outfit consists of an off-white faux fur coat over a gold stretch knit top and bronze pattern faux leather pants with a gold chain belt. It is finished off with a pair brown faux leather shoes.

I love this one. Her face looks gorgeous (although if her eye make up was a bit darker she would looke ven better) and I like her big green eyes and red full lips. Her wig looks good here despite the highlights (which are tricky on doll hair) but would like to see it in real life to decide. But it is a wig, which means one can change her hair colour and style instantly.

Her outfit looks good too, even though fur is a no-no for me. My pet peeve: her dreary shoes. With this outfit she needed a pair of kick-ass boots, either in the brocade trimmed with fur or in a golden leather similar to her top in colouring. And where is her bag? Ladies need bags!

What's the Cami series without a Cami doll? Right. Here she is as New York Night $159.99 Dressed doll  LE 300. Of course she has the Cami head sculpt on the 16" Antoinette™ body in the Cameo skin tone with blonde rooted saran hair and green painted eyes. Her dress is made of white taffeta with blue/silver lace overlay and fastens with a white taffeta belt with a rhinestone buckle. It even has a white petticoat! Over it she wears a blue/silver lace bolero jacket with rhinestone decoration. Her accessories include white lace fingerless gloves, nude panty-hose with attached panties, beaded earrings and a pair of white faux leather strap sandals with rhinestone decoration.

She is cute, but overly cute for me. She has her fans though and she is one of the most beautiful Camis out there now. I love her hairdo and her eyes. Great make up too.

The outfit is nice but just that, nothing particularly exciting. Prom like even. 

First one of the outfits is called Always Some Place To Go $99.99  Outfit only  LE 300. It fits dolls such as Cami & Jon™ and Antoinette™ . It is a beige lace mermaid gown with multi-colored lace trim and multi-colored rhinestone accents Gold and multi-colored rhinestone earrings and bracelet plus a pair of beige faux leather open-toed pumps. Meh. This one looks so much like a bad rendition of Naomi on the cover of Time way back then. It is not a copy but ii instantly came to mind when I saw this.

The second outfit is called Manhattan Mood - $79.99 Outfit only  LE 300. Fits dolls such as Cami & Jon™ and Antoinette™. This one is a grey and white chiffon dress with black lace trim over a white slip. It includes black lace tights, a pair of  silver earrings, a silver rhinestone necklace and a pair of gunmetal grey faux leather shoes. 

This would have lookes so much better with different sleeves (pleated ones maybe) and a bold black or gunmetal silver stripe instead of the lace at the front. Love the necklace.

The one and only release for the Antoinette™  line is called Shimmer $174.99 Dressed Doll  LE 250. She has the Antoinette™ head sculpt and 16" Antoinette™ body in the Honey skin tone. Her eyes are painted brown and she sports brown rooted saran hair. Her dress is beige and silver lamé with beige and gold trim. She is wearing gold beaded earrings. nude panty-hose with attached panties (it does not show in the photo) and a pair of faux leather laced-up shoes to match.

I like this incarnation of Antoinette. Golden hues everywhere from head to toe. Her make up is classic but beautiful, her hair is a bit boring but OK (wonder how it will look pulled apart from her pony tail). Her dress is gorgeous. although the trim reeks of Bollywood (maybe she is a Bollywood star!). She looks Indian and I like that. More Indian ladies please.