Monday, February 11, 2013

Tonner Doll 2013 Mainline release: Marilyn Monroe

Two new dolls and one outfit are the newest additions to the Marilyn Monroe line by Tonner Doll. I like that they are relasing more and more of her outfits and hope to be able to buy some in the future.

In A Dream
Price: $199.99
Availability: Reserve yours now!
LE 500

The first dressed doll has of course the Marilyn Monroe head sculpt on a 16" Starlet body with the Tyler skin tone. She has blue painted eyes with applied eyelashes and blonde rooted saran hair. She is wearing an  off white and brown dress, with an off white and brown matching turban. Off white gloves, a brown belt with gold stud, rhinestone earrings, nude pantyhose and a pair of brown faux leather shoes complete the look. She comes with a stand.

I still cannot get used to the MM sculpt by Tonner. I still find it harsh and missing that ethereal "baby" undertone that she had in most of her photos and films. This could be used for Madonna or Jane Russel with much more success. The outfit though is gorgeous. It is a Travilla design (he did lots of her films) and is from the iconic 1953 film "How To Marry A Millionaire". Below are some captures from the film as well as her costume fitting photograph.

In the scene she is with Alexander D'Arcy, who played a phoney millionaire.

So it seems we are missing the drop earring and rhinestone bracelet plus the bag. I wish they could have made her turban less puffy.

Marilyn Monroe as Lois Laurel
Price: $134.99
Availability: Reserve yours now!
LE 500

The second doll is a basic one.She has a black bathing suit, nude pantyhose (why?), black faux leather shoes with clear platforms. She comes with a stand.

This is Marilyn from 1952's "Monkey Business", the scene in the bathing suit. The doll looks even less than Marilyn here and more like Madonna. Why is she in pantyhose? She does not wear that in the film and not even in publicity shots. I love the shoes, they look fantastic, Below are some photos of the star in this swimsuit.

It seems that this (above) is the photo that inspired the doll. They missed the number 7 on the swimsuit. You can see her below with her co-star in the film, Cary Grant.

The Problem with Rose - Outfit
Price: $99.99
Availability: Pre-order until 3/4/2013
LE 300

This is the sole outfit of this line. It features a white blouse under a short red coat with faux pearl button and a black skirt. White gloves and black faux leather shoes complete the look.

This is an outfit from the 1953 film "Niagara". very faithful to the original. Below are some photos with Marilyn wearing this outfit. The real shoes had much more intricate detail.

Doll photos courtesy of Tonner Doll.

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