Monday, February 11, 2013

Tonner Doll Mainline 2013 release: Scarlett and American Model 22"

I am a big fan of Gone With The Wind and so I had to have Scarlett dolls - one of my first ever dolls was the Franklin Mint Scarlett. I have several of the Tonner ladies too, plus Rhett and Melanie, so I could not leave out the sole release of the GWTW Tonner Doll line. To complete this post, I will include the 22"American Model releases, because the era (but not the size) of their outfits fits Scarlett to a T. There is of course a 22" Scarlett release as well but there are no photos of her yet.

Price: $224.99
Availability: In Stock - Now. Expected to ship 2/15/2013
LE 300

This is the only Scarlett 16"release on the mainline so far. She is a dressed doll (there are so many dressed Scarlett dolls by Tonner that Franklin Mint must have less than half of them by now).  She has of course the Vivien Leigh portrait sculpt  on a 16" Tyler bending wrist body with the Tyler skin tone. She has the famous green painted eyes and  brown rooted saran hair. She is wearing a  red dress with black trim and red beads and a gold brooch at the collar and bronze hair decoration. She sports a white petticoat, nude pantyhose with attached panties and red taffeta shoes to match. She comes with her stand.

There is no description on the Tonner website but fans of the film already know this is the dress Scarlett is wearing as Mrs. Kennedy, when trying to convinve Ashley to come work for her. The hairdo is not a match as you can see below.

The brooch at the neck is not similar either (where is the red stone at the middle?) but it looks intricate. It should have sat on top of the collar though, not beneath it.

The rest of the outfit is a perfect match. I cannot remember what she was holding at the photo below.

You can see how the bronze hair ornament is supposed to look like in the film capture below, although no photo fro the company shows it.

The other Scarlett release is a 22"version of the wedding dress dol, but no photos of her are available yet. She would be a sized up version of her 2012 16"release by Tonner, seen below:

Charming Lady - Outfit
Price: $224.99
Availability: Reserve yours now!
LE 100

Outfit only Fits 22” American Model™ . Blue jacket with white lace trim and black ribbon trim, over a blue skirt with black trim. Includes white petticoat, faux leather boots to match and a mink curly saran wig. Very late Victorian style, could have been worn by Scarlett on her later years.

Moonlight Waltz - Outfit
Price: $224.99
Availability: Pre-order until 3/4/2013
LE 150

Outfit only Fits 22” American Model™. Off white dress with a lace overlay and ruffle trim, and black sash and bow with rhinestones. Black gloves, a black ribbon choker, off white feather hair decoration with a pearl brooch, taffeta shoes to match and nude pantyhose complete the outfit. Includes a long, black, wavy centre part saran wig. This is Edwardian, reminds me a lot of My Fair Lady - the Ascot scene.

The line also includes two basic dolls, a vintage and a glamour basic. You can se the latter below, there is no image released on the vintage one. 

All photos courtesy of Tonner Dolls.

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