Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Glamdrama - a Sybarite auctioned for a good cause

Most fashion doll collectors are acquainted with Superfrock and their Sybarites - the avant guard resin fashion dolls with couture clothes that are very exclusive and coveted by many. As they did last year, they are helping the Italian Doll Convention raise money for a charity - this year it is the CasaOz, who provide multi-faceted support for families with sick children, ranging from providing them with practical advice on the technicalities of dealing with serious illness to providing a place for the kids and families to socialise. 

Of course, the best way to help is raise money by anonymous auction - and a OOAK Sybarite can do magic. Superfrock has made Gladrama, a one of a kind Venus d'Royce clone: 779, combining glamour and drama as the copy says, in a lush embroidered gold lace dress, up-swept Roman hairdo and accessories. She looks fantastic and the cause is even more fantastic. The auction link is here - last year they raised more than €12,000 for the cause, so it is bound to reach at least that again.

So let's see how the doll is described on the auction page:
For your consideration Venus appears in a vision of gold. Hand painted one of a kind doll bears Gen 3:4 body with clone# 0779 head. Pierced ears and hand rooted lace front wig in a tumbling cascade of multi-tone blonde curls. This DIVA is Glamorous, Dramatic and just so other worldly, with just an air of AMAZONIAN attitude. Gown is gilt daisy chain guipure pieced with tonal Chantilly lace and then drizzled in the most delectable of genuine swarovski components, sequins, seed beads and stones. A 3 dimensional confection comprising gown and bolero jacket in a symmetric asymmetry that along with couture techniques and fear defying glamour are signature SUPERDOLL. AUCTION INCLUDES: DOLL and all items shown.

Superdoll Collectibles is not responsible for the auction, they just made the doll offered.


  1. Seguro que esta convención recauará l esperado. El vestido me encantó, alguna vez me pareció ver uno en una tienda y quise comprarlo para mi, pero me quedó muy largo y compré otro, pero ni modo. Excelente entrada, como siempre. Saludos desde México.

  2. That's a gorgeous doll. Creating a custom doll and auctioning it for charity is actually a great idea, everyone wins... the collector wins as they get something unique which money can't buy and of course the charity. It would be nice to see more of these or maybe even some of the big brands like Mattel doing this from time to time.