Friday, October 4, 2013

The glamour of Dollchic

DollChic is the new project of the Moscow fashion-photographers art duo LePer and Dolls author Peter Tishkov. The DollChic doll is a BJD polyurethane Fashion Doll at ¼ scale, with a height of 16,5”. The dolls have 19 points of articulation, including double joints at the elbows and knees.

The dolls are cast in the Russian workshop Stardolls, in Moscow. The concept of the project is the embodiment of true femininity in all its forms. All the joints were thought out in terms of the idealization of a woman's shape and body aesthetics. Also the dolls are meant to achieve a perfectly fixed posture. 

The production of DollChic has three categories: Basic, Prêt-a-porte, Haute Couture. At the moment the project consists of 3 molds: Leya, Uma and Teya, and 3 skin tones: Vanilla, Caramel and Chocolate. The premiere of the DollChic brand was in October 3rd of 2013 at the IX International Doll Salon on Tishinka, Russia.

Currently available to order from the DollChic website are three basic dolls (without stand, they come nude with a wig), six dressed dolls (Sweets collection, complete with double-faced outfits, stand and accessories) and also stands and shipper cases to buy separately. No solo outfits or accessories are yet for sale.

These are gorgeous dolls, basic or dressed ones. The prices are really way high ($880 for a basic nude doll with only wig, no stand, $1230 for a dressed doll) and the quantities of the dressed dolls are ten each. That means they are going to be hard to find really soon. If the quality of production is as good as the look of the dolls, they are going to be way on top on collector's lists. The only thing that bugs me: the ugly elbow joint and the weird knee joint. Those needed a bit more thinking and re-working. I'm never going to be able to afford one so it does not matter.

You can contact them at for inquiries about availability. All photos and information are courtesy and copyright of Dollchic.


  1. That's a standard price for high end LE BJD, though. If you check some of the ball joint doll company sites, it's usually around 600 to 800 USD. And the joints actually look like the next generation of thinking on the very pose-able double joints. Most BJD owners dress the dolls to hide the joints as they get more un-attractive. It's a compromise between posing realism and 'Eugh' robot elbows and knees.

    My commenting is finally working. I have so loved your blog over the past few years! Thank you for all the great work you put into it! ^_^

  2. Thank you for your kind words and comments! Glad to see you can finally post! I thought that fashion BJD dolls are usually between $600-800 dressed, but here it is the price of a totally nude basic doll without stand. Of course the edition is very limited.

  3. ^_^

    Companies like Soom, with their Idealian line and Iplehouse with their EID line, that's really standard; naked, no stand, no face painted, no wig, and no sanding of seams. Fully dressed can go up to 1,600 USD and no one blinks. However, also keep in mind, BJDs are made to stand by themselves, flat foot or high heeled, and come with pairs of feet, so they can be switched from high heel to flat in the case of the ladies.

  4. I agree but this line hardly resembles EID or Idealian. A basic EID is $650 and you can order her customised, plus they are larger sized (65cm, almost double) than Dollchic. I think they should be compared to Superfrock.

  5. I do love their face, though. Nice to see a mature and stylish one. Alas, as you say, pricey. >.<;;

  6. I really like them but they are way too expensive for me to buy, thanks for sharing though ;)