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Tonner Doll Fall/Holiday 2013 release - part 1: Cami & Jon

If the Fall preview collection from Tonner Doll Company was not very enticing regarding fashion dolls, the Fall/Holiday release is full of them. Not all the lines get new releases, and the ones that do get them have some unexpected additions. As some of the dolls were not ready even in prototype stage, the company shows a rough sketch in place of a photo - you have to be very trusting to pre-order a doll like that. In this first post of the Tonner presentation we will check out the Cami & Jon line.

Spring Frost
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Dressed doll LE 300

The only dressed doll is of course with the Cami head sculpt, on the 16" Antoinette™ body in the Tyler skin tone. She has painted brown eyes and a platinum blonde removable saran wig. She is wearing a green/silver brocade dress with fringe trim under a green lurex twill coat with fringe sleeve cuffs and a rhinestone decoration. Her outfit comes with nude pantyhose, a multi-colour intricate beaded, rhinestone and flower hand made necklace, rhinestone earrings and matching green faux leather shoes. She comes with a stand.

I love the outfit on this one, it has a definite late 60's vibe, the colour is great and the dress looks a lot like one my mother was wearing in the very early 70's (she had one in copper and one in blue brocade). If this had a bag (one of the major Tonner cons in their fashion doll releases) it would have been a perfect outfit.

Resort Stripe Basic Cami (Blonde or Mink) / Jon  / Liu Liu
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Basic doll LE 500

Four basic dolls, two of them with Cami head sculpt, one with the Jon sculpt and one with a new Asian 1 (sic) sculpt. All have the 16" Antoinette™ body. The two Cami and the Liu Liu dolls have the bisque skin tone while Jon has the honey skin tone. The Cami dolls have painted blue eyes, Jon has light blue eyes while Liu Liu has brown eyes. As for hair colour, one Cami comes with a pale blonde removable saran wig while all the other three dolls sport mink (i.e darkest brown) wigs. They all wear versions of the same stripe stretch knit dress: the Camis in pink and white, Jon in blue and white and Liu Liu in green and white. All have white cotton knit panties, white sunglasses and white elastic platform shoes.

The dolls come without a stand, which one can buy separately from Tonner. Honestly, this sucks big time. How can a company sell dolls without their stand and at $120? And on top of that, everyone who has had some experience with the available Tonner stand, knows it sucks big time. I'd never buy it separately, it's not even worth the plastic it's made of. Let's hope they remedy this.

Of course you cannot see the mink haired Cami, she was not ready as a prototype and there's a rough sketch instead of a photo on the site. It is not even a good one. There was a dressed Cami doll included with the Fall preview so I will show here here, as I did not think it fit into my Tiny Kitty post about that release.

Soft Elegance Cami
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Dressed doll 
LE 300

She has the Cami head sculpt on a 16" Antoinette™ body with the bisque skin tone. She has painted green eyes and summer blonde rooted saran hair. Her outfit is a cream chiffon dress with lace bodice overlay and ribbon belt. It has a cotton net underskirt with lace trim and a white petticoat. She comes with gold tights with attached panties and gold faux leather shoes. She has a stand.

Chelsea Chill - Outfit
LE 300
Shipping TBA Pre-Order Now

The first outfit for Cami & Jon on the Fall/Holiday release, it also fits Antoinette™ dolls. It consists of a black stretch knit bodysuit, under a black and white stretch knit skirt, a fuchsia coat with black buttons and black faux leather shoes. In the photo the doll is the Resort Stripe Basic Cami (does not come with the outfit).

Summer Lace - Outfit
LE 300
Buy Now - Ships 10/25

This is an off-white embroidered chiffon lace dress with a matching off-white taffeta hat with sequinned trim and feathers. It comes with a pair of faux pearl beaded earrings and matching faux leather shoes. Easily the best of the bunch except for the hat, which is a mess. Again, a clutch would have made this so much better.

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