Saturday, April 19, 2014

Escada by Emperis Dolls

Emperis Dolls is a new doll-maker company, in England. They presented their very first doll, called Escada, for sale, this Good Friday. It is a resin, ball-jointed 16" fashion doll in the vein of Sybarites and the rest.

Description of the doll from their website:

Introducing ’Escada’ Prima by name and Prima by nature. Stepping out for the first time in a 1930’s esque, fishtail evening dress. Evoking an image of a glamorous past. Hand finished with sequin, bead and thread detailing in splashes of pinks, golds and maroon. Walking the walk in sparkling, zipped high heels and shimmering, sheer tights that go all the way up. Talking the talk with a stunning array of accessories, including; multi brown faux fur stole, crystal inset stud earrings and a three layered gold chain necklace. Completing the look is make up that dazzles everyone, with vivid blue eye shadow that frame ’Escada’s’ piercing jade green eyes and silky pink lips that look oh so tempting. Let’s not forget her beautifully styled contrasting maroon wig, with twists and braids, subtly accented with roses. So crack open the champagne and charge your glasses to celebrate the toast of the party scene that is ’Escada’... Cheers Darlings XXX. Includes Felted joints, hard cap wig, fashions and accessories, extra pair of hands, wrist ball, doll stand and applied eyelashes.

Total price of the doll is £420.00, half on pre-ordering and half on shipment, which is late May. The edition numbers ten dolls but the website mentions that people not able to get one will be put on waiting list for the next run of dolls (new ones, not Escada).

The doll's face looks a lot like a Sybarite - I almost mistook it for one when I first saw photos of her. Her body though is a totally different story. The joints are a bit weird, especially on the knees and elbows. I know they might give excellent poseability but they are not photogenic, even with tights on.

The face paint looks amazingly well done, so does the blushing of the body.

I like the details of the dress and shoes, very opulent and extravagant. The tassels on the heels look fantastic and very scale-perfect too, as is the embdoidery.

As one can see on the website gallery, she can wear many existing clothes from other 16" doll lines so the compatibility looks good. The price is competitive too, and for Europeans, being an English doll means saving a lot on customs. Best wishes to the new company on their start and a piece of well meaning advice: next time please try to be more original. Naming the doll after an established fashion house, ahving a logo copying another one and a doll looking like one from another company is not the best of beginnings. The talent is there, so I am sure we will see better things from Emperis in the future.


  1. the body is very different, I dont think I like the joints

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if the people behind Sybarites are behind this doll - or they've sold the moulds from their dolls. There is a certain pretentiousness about the whole doll and outfit which is akin to Sybarties and the reason why I dislike them so much. Even the favicon for the web tab is a Chanel logo rip off.

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if it is the same team behind Sybarites. The pretentiousness of the doll and gown are spot on for them and one of the reasons I loathe the Sybarites so much; the other being that the dolls look like they are on drugs. Even the favicon on their website is a rip-off of the Chanel I have my suspicions about who is behind the doll...

  4. Dear Angela, as I have spoken with the huys making Escada online, I can assure you they are not related at all to the guys from Superfrock. And The only reason I let your nasty comments be published is that I wanted to reply to you here as you cannot be reached in any other way (hiding your profile is a tell tale). If you have only bad things to say about something it is better to say nothing at all. This is not a place where one can unload their bile and hate for anyone.