Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tonner Doll Spring Collection 2014 release

Honestly I have given a lot of thought in posting this article. I used to expect Tonner Doll releases with much anticipation and excitement. It seems now that it won't be the case any more. With every new release, the real fashion dolls from Tonner are less and less fashion-like and their numbers are dwindling as well. Gone is the powerhouse fashion dolls of the brand (Tyler, Sydney et al) and in their place we have the "street-wise" Cami & Jon along with the time-travelling Deja-Vu. Below are photos of the fashion dolls from the Spring 2014 Tonner collection - the rest of which was dedicated to child dolls, Kitty Collier and non-fashion dolls. I am not surprised their film/comics/fantasy dolls sell better.

Party Print Liu Liu, Dressed Doll, $149.99 This is the only one I'd buy if I had money to spare. And just for the doll, not the outfit.

Party Bold Jon Dressed Doll, $149.99

Party Lace Cami Dressed Doll, $149.99. Best dress in the bunch.

Party Stripes Cami Dressed Doll, $149.99

Red Hot, dressed doll, $179.99. Deja Vu collection (like all the dolls and fashions that follow). Nice outfit but this sculpt is not one I like. Especially the bags under her eyes. She's partying too hard.

Thoroughly Modern, Outfit, $89.99

Countryside Visit, Dressed Doll, $209.99

Moonlit Romance, Dressed Doll, $199.99. The bow row on the skirt looks like an afterthought and the hem too plain for the time period and the style of the outfit.

Crisis Calm, Outfit, $89.99. Stripes again. Here, combined with checked shirt. Really?

Polished, Outfit, $99.99.

Spicy Night, Dressed Doll, $174.99. It should have been called "Train wreck". Ghastly.

All photos courtesy of Tonner Doll.


  1. whats with all the ball gowns did they flash back to 1990? and who wears a ballgown in the country? someone failed history class if its supposed to be an American doll. plus that red ball gown with the bows is just fugly. I did like the Party Girls though and that spicey mess dress needs to be burned as an affront to fashion.

  2. Hi Stratos, I usually check Tonner collectio for inspiration for my fashions. It looks like that besides the 20's outfits there's nothing interesting. I actually like Liu dress, but I like floral patterns anyway.
    The Crisis Calm and Spicy Night outfits are atrocious.....