Saturday, May 17, 2014

Carmen Dell'Orefice as a fashion doll by Tonner Doll

Carmen Dell'Orefice is a famous fashion model, with the longest career in the industry - she keeps modelling still, 82 years old, since her first Vogue cover at age 15. Tonner Doll had long ago announced they would be making a doll in her likeness and they debuted it as a centrepiece at their 2014 Tonner Con. The model was there for the unveiling. 

The doll is wearing a luxury knit dress with a fur-trimmed jacket. She has a brand new body,named Chic Body: it’s a variation of the Antoinette body, with broader shoulders and a fuller bust. The doll also features a white rooted mane and painted blue eyes, and is highly limited, with an edition size of just 200 pieces.

The doll looks great, although I do think they took a safe route with her. I would prefer a more fashion-oriented Carmen, with her amazing wild silver mane and style in full swing. This looks tame in comparison to her usual editorial/advertising appearances.

The likeness is amazing though. If I had this doll, I would restyle the hair to make it more glamorous. She deserves it. Let's see some photos from the presentation:

 Below are some gorgeous photos of the real Carmen. All doll photos are courtesy of Tonner Doll and Ernesto Padro - Campos. Convention photos from Tonner Doll Facebook page.

ASnd of course a great version would be one with hair styled like Carmen was by the talented Thanos Samaras for Vogue Italia.


  1. The profile of her face is really nice. A lot of dolls look so nice and realistic from the front, but the side-especially the nose bridge- can be off. I'm like you, they should have done a less tame version. I bet Integrity/Fashion Royalty would be able to pull that off!

  2. She is gorgeous! They did a really nice job on her doll. Looks just like her.