Monday, May 12, 2014

My dolls pose for Porter magazine covers

Most people interested in fashion are well aware of one of the biggest on-line fashion retailers, Net-A-Porter. They should also know that the company now has its own fashion magazine, called, what else, Porter. For its launch, back in February, the magazine also launched a mobile app, asking fans to post their own photo as the cover of the magazine. All one has to do is pick the photo - the app does the rest so that you have a ready made Porter cover, with its own cover lines etc. You can also pick the colour of the logo and letters (black or white only). For the second issue, they updated the app to feature a series of Philip Treacy hats worn by Lady Gaga (she was the original cover's model). Of course, the main point was advertising the magazine: the app helped people share their covers throughout most social media platforms and encouraged the use of specific hashtags to make them more prominent. I instantly figured out that my dolls would be perfect models for this endeavour so here are the results. I am proud to say that the fashion director of L'Officiel Hommes Italia, Emile Rebek, liked the three Gaga ones (the first three below - thank you sir!).

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