Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Isaac Mizrahi designs dolls for Madame Alexander

This collaboration was announced way back in January 28th this year but I only just got wind of it. Isaac Mizrahi, one of the most likeable designers from USA (and very talented - back in the late 80's some of his collections were simply genial) announced that he and The Madame Alexander Doll Company will make a new collection of dolls, doll apparel and accessories. Isaac says: “Dolls have a special place in my heart. In a way, I began my design career with dolls. When I was a young, I would use my dadʼs sewing machines to create little puppet dolls. Now, itʼs coming full circle by working with Madame Alexander. They have always represented the highest-quality and most beautiful dolls in the world.”

The doll collection will consist of both limited-edition "collectibles" and 18-inch play dolls. The dolls will be available in June 2014 (are they?) at specialty and department stores as well as select websites including www.madamealexander.com. (still on a coming soon notice). 

Limited Edition 250 dolls. SKU 68280. The Collection Doll, ages 14+ Isaac Mizrahi Classic Iconic – $199.95 

Based on a classic lsaac Mizrahi runway look, 16" “Alex” doll is dressed in a white ribbed tee shirt and long "Isaac pink" taffeta ball skirt with a pink tulle under-slip. Topped with a short orange and pink striped puffer jacket and brown faux fur trapper hat, this classic is completed with black motorcycle boots. The doll comes with an illustration card drawn by Isaac Mizrahi. 

Limited Edition 75 dolls. SKU 68285. The Collection Doll, ages 14+ Isaac Mizrahi Modern Iconic –$999.95

Designed by fashion icon Isaac Mizrahi, this 21" fully articulated Cissy doll is dressed in a modern iconic dress inspired by one of Isaac's recent designs, an elegant red and pink satin dress with self belt. Sunglasses, watch, bracelet and clutch are based on accessories from the Isaac Mizrahi New York Collection. If you peek under her skirt, Cissy wears a polkadot, panties and crinoline. An illustration card, drawn by Isaac Mizrahi is included as a special bonus. 

According to Mizrahi, the decision to collaborate with Madame Alexander was a very organic one. He first learned to sew by making another type of childhood toy: puppets on his dad’s sewing machine. “That’s what my first creative endeavours were. Puppets of all kinds,” Mizrahi told InStyle.com. “I know a lot about making miniature clothes and things, and for me this is a very natural association.” The 21-inch limited edition Cissy doll is dressed in a pink and red satin dress inspired by one of Mizrahi’s current Mikado dresses.

However, Mizrahi’s favorite is Alex, dressed in a design inspired by one of his early 90's collections. “That’s my favourite just because of the hat and the whole idea of the perfection, the way they captured the exact spirit of the outfit,” Mizrahi said. The rest of the dolls pictured are the play-line 18" dolls that sell for $69.95.

The only doll that would remotely interest me would be the 16" Alex doll and just for the chance of owing one Mizrahi outfit for my dolls - plus it is from his good period. But the price is too much for just one outfit, even though it is a Mizrahi one. Maybe I will be able to find it on the secondary market for a lesser price.


  1. Cissy collectors that I know online are disgusted by the Mizrahi doll. Many of them would like to see a basic doll and clothing separates, and instead we get this. I don't see any way that doll is worth $1,000.

  2. Agreed Barb-the only way she would be worth that much is IF she comes with a 14kt diamond ring.