Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Eugenia Perrin Frost City Prowl

The Urban Safari Fashion Royalty collection this year was quite a success - the dolls look great in real life too, with gorgeous outfits that mix and match and also lovely accessories to boot. The coherent look of the collection (with one or two exceptions) makes for a great showing. City Prowl Eugenia certainly fits the bill. And I also think she is one of the most beautiful Eugenias released so far. 

Continuing the theme from my previous photo shoot, I wanted to photograph her with a luggage set. This time it is the Deluxe Voyager set from the FR: Voyages Black Lacquer collection back in 2004 (Edition size:1000). The black and red colouring certainly fits Eugenia's outfit. She's ready for the Gloss Integrity Toys convention that will be held this week in Orlando, FL. We will have updates from the new releases as they become available.

Ms Perrin - Frost's ensemble consists of a leopard print seer shirt, leather corset and muslin pencil skirt. The accessories include black "patent leather" ankle boots with two ties each (as if I could handle one with my big fingers!), small earrings (very similar to the ones Purity Dasha is wearing) and three bangles. A small rectangular faux croc clutch finishes off the look. All items are very detailed and well made. The choice of fabric for the skirt is a bit weird though. 

Her hair is cascading into waves with a side part, very similar to the hairdo of Splendid Jordan from last year, only stiffer). Her make up is edgy and sexy, dark eyes and pale lips, which is always a winner with Eugenia and fits the outfit and theme well. Another winner.

You may have noticed the logo on the photos, it's the new logo for the blog (one of its versions at least) and will be featured in the photos from now on as a way to avoid them being used elsewhere without my permission.

The corset feature hooks for closing at the back (while it has a faux tie closure at the front). I'd rather have a small zip here than this. The belt is a nice touch with the intricate fastening but I am afraid to undo it as I probably will not be able to replicate it again.

A closer look at the shoes. The two ties were quite the trouble for me: my big fingers cannot handle them, plus they always look out of scale.


  1. Hi Stratos, great photosession as usual, these are the best pictures of Citiy Prowl Eugenia I've seen so far, and it seems your doll wasn't affected by any of the defects other collectors have been complaining about. She looks wonderful!
    I have to agree that the muslin skirt matched wit a "leather" bodice is a bit odd, but she can afford it, she's such a stylish girl!

  2. Love your reviews! Despite the all-around negativity towards this collection, I am quite enjoying it. I have On the Rise, Faded Desert, Elusive Creature and High Visibility, love them all, but in the order displayed :) The fabrics and designs are great.

    I was on the edge of ordering this Eugenia, but didn't. Its funny you mentioned the similarity between hers and Splendid Jordan's hairstyle, Ive noticed that the moment I looked at her, and that is the first reason I didn't order her. The second one is her glance, it seems to me that her right eye is a bit wonky, she would be perfect if she had a side glance.