Sunday, October 19, 2014

Faded Desert Kyori Sato by Integrity Toys

Part of Integrity Toys 2014 Fashion Royalty collection, Faded Desert Kyori Sato is probably her best version since changing the sculpt (maybe except the 2013 convention one). Dressed in the Urban Safari style that defined this line, she was an obvious pick to photograph with one of the luggage sets that the company has released years ago. I picked the sand variation of the Jet Style luggage set and there she is.

Her outfit is amazing: A vest with flap patch pockets with box pleats (amazing detail) and lapels, cinched with a faux leather belt (hooked at the back), over a straight skirt with criss-cross detail in a patterned fabric and a nude coloured sleeveless top underneath.

The accessories are great too: New style sunglasses (with pop-out lenses), three bracelets (two with colour-coordinated enamel and metal and the third is a sculpted cuff), hoop earrings (very well made), faux snake leather ankle boots which tie at the front (made better than the unfortunately torn ones that Main Attitude Adele wore a couple of years ago - they even have blue soles!) and an amazingly well made miniature replica of Jason Wu's Jourdan bag. I think this is the best Fashion Royalty bag ever.

Her face is beautiful. Her brown eyes are side-glancing, with the eye make up not as pronounced as the promo photos showed. It's not pale but just right. Her brunette hair is gathered in a ponytail, with a side part and it curls at the ends, which looks great. The lipstick colour is perfect; it really stands out.

One other thing that makes this doll great - the outfit has lots of mix-and-match potential, not only with the rest of this Fashion Royalty doll outfits but other ones as well. And with the Jet Set luggage, she is ready for some big trips!

The outfit was inspired by Jason Wu's Spring/Summer 2014 collection, as you can see below - the jacket is a combination of the first two outfits, the skirt a re-interpretation of the third (runway photos from and Vogue UK):


  1. Just beautiful! Everything, luggage, doll, clothes. Stunning!

  2. Love your photos. Yes, she is amazing, I new that from the start so I was wondering why she didn't sell out, in fact some dealers still have her... strange - she has pretty low edition size, compared to the others. I personally bought her for her make up and gorgeous hair, but really like her outfit, as well.

    I have Dangerous to Know and those two are not similar at all, almost different character. They have different skin color, lips are painted differently (dangerous to know has a devious smile) and of-course eye make up. So, if you do not have one I recommend getting one.