Sunday, May 24, 2015

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Gene Marshall in the JAMIEShow Chicago 2015 convention

Gene Marshall is the fashion doll that did for 16" dolls what Barbie did for the 1/6 scale ones: established the fashion doll rules for the particular scale and made every doll thereafter compare to it. Since JamieShow took over the line and collaborated with the creator Mel Odom, the doll reached new heights of quality and sophistication. For its 20 year anniversary (and the 5th of JamieShow dolls) the dolls did not disappoint - and we got some added bonus as well.

The convention doll was none other than Gene Marshall in a Lady Grey resin version. The concept had first been done by Mel when the doll was produced by Integrity Toys for their 2007 Gene Marshall convention design contest and now she's in resin, even more glamorous and sophisticated, with her tiara and evening gown, inspired by a Charles James original. I like the concept better with this hair colour than the ashen blond used in the previous version.

And here is a very happy Mel Odom at the convention with the doll in his hands:

Of course there were more dolls in the Gene Marshall line:

As you can see, there was Oona, Madra, Violet and a new, grey-haired Trent in limited editions of 20 dolls per sculpt, each priced at $475. Check them out below in larger photos.

All photos courtesy of George Gonzales and JamieShow dolls

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  1. This Gene is absolutely breathtaking! I would consider paying secondary market prices for her. The rest of the line is nice, too, but I'm not sure about the outfits. They're nice, but are they sufficient for dolls in this price range? Trent needs a sporty jacket or vest, and do the women not come with any jewelry? Now that I noticed that, I looked at the On Michigan Avenue line again, and those dolls don't have any jewelry in the pictures, either. That's not a selling point, so I hope the final dolls do come with jewelry.