Saturday, July 18, 2015

IFDC 2015: JAMIEshow releases - The LBD collection

IFDC is not just the convention dolls - other doll companies release dolls specifically designed for the convention. One of them is JAMIEshow, which released one doll (plus outfits) and two clothing lines,in collaboration with other creators, for the convention. Let's check them out one by one, in this and subsequent posts. First up, the Litle Black Dress collection.

AUDRY dressed doll
Pre Order -  August Delivery

JAMIEshow's newest character sculpt Audry was introduced at IFDC in July of 2015.  A limited quantity of dolls was available at the convention, the rest are on sale on-line.  Audry is representative of an era when everyday fine dressing was a style of it's own.  She is wearing a little black dress and black stiletto patent leather pumps.  Doll comes with both wig cap and rooted wig cap, cigarette holder, stockings, little black dress and a doll stand.  She is made of JAMIEshow J-smooth Resin ™. Dolls will ship end of July beginning of August.  

She's obviously an Audrey Hepburn homage, although she's not a good likeness. The style though is perfect. Beautiful doll and an unusual face, in that elegant late 50s style that we love.

Little Black Dress Collection dresses
Pre Order - August Delivery
Will fit all JAMIEshow dolls as well as JAMIEshow Gene Dolls.
Will also fit IT 16" Dolls, and Numina dolls.

This is shown as Sophisticated on the photos but the site names it Tiffany. $75.00. 

Sizzle, $60.00

This is the dress that Audry is wearing. On The Town, $60.00

Wild Oats (really?), $50.00

Holiday, $75.00

Afternoon, $60.00

Little Black Pump Shoes, $25.00

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  1. I was very excited to see these dresses since it's time I re dressed my FR16" dolls in something new. I've never found anything I really wanted until these. Now I can redress all 3 of my dolls from last year and the look in my display will be cohesive.