Monday, November 9, 2015

The new "most wanted" Barbie: the new Moschino Barbie

Jeremy Scott loves Barbie. He proved it by dedicating an entire Moschino collection to her, dressing women like the famous doll, accessories included. Back then, guests at the fashion show had received a limited edition of Barbie dressed in Moschino, that had collectors all over the world drooling in anticipation of an actual commercially released version. That time came today: the doll is available through Moschino, Net-A-Porter and, through Barbie Collector later on 6:00 am PT. 

There are two versions of the doll, a Caucasian and an African-American one, and she comes with two outfits: a leather "suit" and some sporty separates. Of course she has her Moschino shopping bag and assorted accessories. She's a limited edition of 700 according to Net-A-Porter (I guess each version will have 700 dolls released).

Jeremy Scott said: "I wanted to bring all of the Moschino elements to Barbie, as I had done the reverse by bringing all of the Barbie elements to Moschino for the spring/summer 15 collection. The thing I love most about Barbie, is that she is the ultimate muse, she's worn every style and design imaginable and at the same time she's had every possible profession you can dream of."

For me, the best thing about this release is that a boy is included in the commercial that accompanies the release - and nobody bats an eyelid. I know it should not be an issue in 2015 but there are still boy-girl distinctions in toys and it''s about time it stopped being so. So kudos to Moschino and Mattel for this.

Last time I checked, the AA version was sold out at Moschino but seems to be available on Net-A-Porter. Those who missed it go for Barbie Collector. Good luck.

Photos and video courtesy of Mattel and Moschino.


  1. The details are stunning and both dolls are so beautiful! <3

  2. Hello from Spain: they are fabulous. Keep in touch

  3. Love this release - she is one cool lady!

  4. almost like sisters :)
    theme positive - negative
    very successful in this duet :)

  5. Do you have most wanted 1960's dolls